Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart Found Alive in Utah:

Who says there’s no miracles anymore? Thank God she was found alive and in relatively good shape.

What makes me sick though is as soon as she was found the pedophiles started hitting the web looking for inappropriate pictures of her. For those of you who were searching for these pics, I hope the FBI busts your door down in the middle of the night.

CDC School Shooting Study

CDC: Most school shooters get guns from home:

Your tax dollars at work people. This is all well and good. Parents should keep their guns locked up and away from children. On the other hand it’s not addressing the underlying problem. Why are these kids grabbing the guns in the first place? Not until the parents and the schools address this problem will school shootings stop.

Pennsylvania Death Penalty

Pennsylvania committee recommends moratorium on death penalty:

A committee appointed by the State Supreme Court recommended that a moratorium be placed on the death penalty because it’s racially biased. According to the article 61% of Pennsylvania’s death row population is black. Yet blacks only make up for 10% of the entire population of Pennsylvania. Boo freakin’ hoo. Just because 10% of the population is black doesn’t necessarily mean that only 10% of death row inmates should be black. In a perfect world that may be true but this world is far from perfect. Luckily Gov. Ed Rendell is a former Philadelphia mayor and district attorney. So hopefully there will be no pansy ass moratorium like in Illinois. Before he was elected Gov. Rendell said that he found no evidence that the system was flawed. I lived in Philly while Rendell was mayor and he’s the only Democrat I can think of off the top of my head that I would vote for. Its a real shame though that in this country convicted felons are given more consideration than their victims.