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Odgren’s past

School transfer of accused teen eyed:

This is an article that chronicles the school history of Lincoln-Sudbury High stabbing suspect John Odgren. According to the article he attended 5 schools in five years which also according to the article is not very conducive to an Asperger’s patient.

Psychiatrists say children with Asperger’s often struggle with school transitions, and a move to a large public school with 1,600 students would not be easy. Youngsters with Asperger’s typically have poor social skills.

“It’s difficult for these people to accept changes,” said Mohammad Ghaziuddin, a child psychiatrist at the University of Michigan and a specialist in Asperger’s. “They are used to having their own schedule, their own routines. It’s their desire for sameness.”

At this point it’s unknown why all those transfers took place. One of the schools said that anyone that has a tendency towards violence would not be allowed to remain there. Lincoln-Sudbury schools are also saying that records provided to them were missing documents that should have contained information regarding Odgren’s past “explosive episodes”.

Was he shuffled from school to school because of his behavior? Or could it have been parental impatience? Were they possibly not satisfied with the pace he was progressing and held the schools responsible? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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