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Craigslist killer?

Steve Huff has confirmed to me and on on his blog that this is the MySpace of one Michael John Anderson. Anderson is the prime suspect in the muirder of Katherine Ann Olson. She was killed after responding to a phony employment ad on craigslist that was allegedly posted by Anderson.

It’s pretty close to a bare bones profile. No comments, no design, and only has two friends other than Tom.

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  • Lisa

    Thanks for posting the myspace. Should be interesting seeing how this turns out. Any word on HOW this young woman was murdered?

  • http://trenchreynolds.me Trench

    Not yet but if they say I'll have it posted at http://trenchreynolds.me

  • Brenda

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune has published that she was shot in the back. Here is a quote:

    "Information released today reveals that Katherine Ann Olson was shot in the back. Police found a .357 Magnum in Anderson’s house, along with blood stains and drag marks on stairs. A neighbor saw Olson's car parked in front of Anderson's house for over two hours Thursday.

    Anderson told police that he had nothing to do with the murder and denied having phone contact with Olson, although cell phone records indicated he had talked with her Thursday morning. Anderson also said he had not used Craigslist since January, but the email in the address in the ad matched Anderson's. Anderson denied using that email address, saying he had tried to cancel that account the week before and that his mother and three friends also had access to it.

    When confronted with phone records and other evidence, Anderson then admitted he was present when Olson was killed but said that he didn't kill her. Instead, Anderson said, she was killed by a friend of his who "thought it would be funny."

  • http://4chan.org moot

    Learn to spell you kike.
    "muirder of Katherine Ann Olson."

    What the hell is a "muirder"?

  • http://trenchreynolds.me Trench

    That's rich. Someone from 4chan giving spelling lessons.

  • Larry

    "Craigslist killer" my butt. This guy is the "Foxwoods Killer" as the gamble addiction was the root cause of the crime. He could have used any means to contact victims (newspapers, magazines…). But there is only one cause of the crimes.