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Omaha hookers

High-Tech Hookers: Fox 42 Investigative Report:

Since November is sweeps month I’m sure we’ll be seeing more local newscasts talk about craigslist hookers. This particular piece comes to us from a Fox affiliate in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our investigation found women charging anywhere from $100 to $300 for a massage, prices that appear much more than going rate.

It begs the question about whether the massages are a cover up for prostitution.

“I guarantee these girls have no problem sleeping with whoever won’t ask for id as long as they have money,” said private investigator Brett Pippin.

With the help of Brett Pippin and his team of private investigators from SPI Omaha, we investigated what else these women may have offered.

It should come as no surprise to craigscrimelist readers what came next. It should also come as no surprise what craigslist reaction to the story was.

Craigslist users are asked to police themselves.

The website only removes postings if someone complains.

We found few postings were flagged.

Several interview requests were made to Craigslist, but none were answered.

More of craigslist thinking if they ignore the problem it will go away.

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