Facebook bans Zango

Facebook Bans Adware from Zango:
The other day I posted about scummy spyware company Zango and their Secret Crush app on Facebook. Finally Facebook put a stop to their shenanigans. According to the article I linked to it was downloaded one million times but I didn’t see no where near that amount listed on the app page. Anyway the article brings out a great point about Zango that I forgot…

Zango has paid fines to the FTC for its bad behavior, but apparently those were not a severe enough penalty to discourage further misdeeds.

Seriously people, scummy spyware companies like Zango aren’t going to go away until more people learn to secure their browser and do occasional spyware checks and not to download every damn thing.

Don’t make sic the Cybersecurity Pitbull on you.

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    Nice followup. Zango will just resurface in China rather than go away completely.