Syracuse stalker at large

Cyber stalker terrorizing family (video):
I received a request from a friend of a woman who is being stalked online.

Christina Lobello formally of Syracuse now of Florida was in an AOL chat room with friends from Syracuse when a troll entered the room and started attacking one of her friends.

Then what started out as merely trolling quickly turned into cyberstalking and real world harassment.

Former Syracuse woman becomes a target of cyber harassment.

This is when the terror began and the cyber stalker stole a picture of Lobello’s daughter from her profile and created a fake web page saying that her 12-year old daughter wanted to be raped by a stranger. The stalker even posted her address and personal information. And the disturbing messages continued.

Lobell says, “He told me he wanted to come to my house, to tie me up, rape them and have me watch them as he kills them one by one and then take my life.”

The stalker has been hard to trace because he uses an IP anonymizer.

However if you watch the video that’s attached to the news article you can see a picture of him.

If you recognize the scumbag please contact the Syracuse, NY Police Department.

  • Bay

    My heart goes out to this woman. I went through a situation some years back where a person took an unhealthy interest in me and stalked me. I was scared to death when it happened to me and I pray they catch this guy and give her some sense of peace.

  • L

    A very similar thing happened to me as well. A crazy abusive ex boyfriend went online and posed as me in chat rooms saying that I wanted to be raped and provided my address and phone number. I started getting horrible phone calls and one of them actually told me about the chat room. It was a horrible terrifying experience and I hope this guy in NY is caught. No one should have to live in fear like that.