Contractor used Bebo to harass school children

bebo-logo.jpgContractor used Bebo to find pupils’ details:
A 20-year-old contractor that did work for a Greater Wellington intermediate school in New Zealnd used Bebo to find personal information of 12 and 13-year-old students that attended the school by using Bebo. Some of the personal information he gathered included names and phone numbers.

Between August and October he sent more than 150 texts to 17 female and two male pupils. Many were indecent and left some children traumatised and scared to return to school.

The messages were sent from different cellphones, some under his own name and identity, but others under the assumed identity of a 13-year-old called Mark.

He pleaded guilty to charges of misuse of a phone (?) and was sentenced to 5 months’ intensive supervision. I’m guessing that’s the Kiwi equivalent of probation.