UNC murder suspect’s MySpace

Suspect In UNC Murder Logged Into MySpace Over Weekend:
17-year-old Lawrence Lovette is not only the suspect in the murder of UNC student president Eve Marie Carson but he’s also a suspect in the murder of Duke University student Abhijit Mahato.

According to The Raleigh Chronicle, Lovette logged in to his MySpace over this past weekend. The same weekend that police were looking for him.

I guess that will be his last log in too since police caught him and charged him with both murders.

Now his space is a 3×3 cell.

  • Douglas W. Daugherty

    I'm an amateur psychic and in January of 2006 I did a reading for someone on one of those psychic websites. It involved a young woman who was abducted during a home invasion in a town near the durham area. Her name is Melissa Ballard. I saw three young black males who invaded the home on New Year's day, robbed them, and abducted Melissa. I believed they were driving some type of older work van, I believe one of them killed Melissa in the back of that van, and than they dumped her body over a hillside on a country road in the area. I don't know if Melissa's body was ever recovered. But I believe that the three suspects in this UNC murder are the one's involved in the Ballard case. I'm hoping that if anyone in that area can help me connect the two cases and help bring the Ballard family peace. Thank You.

  • just me

    That is so interesting. I truely believe in phychics. I love to watch sylvia brown.do you have to be with a person to visualize something for them.