Linscott to plead guilty

Woman charged in Craigslist hit man case plans guilty plea:

Everyone’s favorite hitman seeking craigslist user, Ann Marie Linscott, is planning on pleading guilty to federal charges against her.

Court papers filed on behalf of Ann Marie Linscott of Rockford state the 48-year-old wants to plead guilty in federal court in Michigan and waive a trial in California. A next court date wasn’t set.

For some reason it seems like that Linscott has this extreme aversion of going to California. California is where the alleged hit was to take place against the wife of a man she was having some kind of ‘relationship’ with. It’s been said before that she wanted to stay in Michigan to be close to her family. If she cared about her family so much maybe she shouldn’t have been having affairs and looking for hitmen.

Thanks to Soobs for the link.