House trashed in Bebo/Facebook party

Spanish house trashed after Bebo party:
Jodie Hudson’s parents have a house in Spain worth £4.5 million. Jodie just turned 16. Jodie’s parents said she could have her 16th birthday party in the £4.5 million house. So what does Jodie do to thank her parents? Why she posts an invitation to the party on Bebo and Facebook. What do you think happened next? Why, 400 people showed up and trashed the place of course.

Hundreds of teenagers took her at her word and swamped the venue, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. An estimated £6,000 of jewelery went missing, clothes were stolen, furniture smashed and a television thrown into the swimming pool.

Ms. Hudson the Younger doesn’t seem to have any remorse…

Writing on her Bebo site, Jodie wrote: “House party was fab, grounded for ever.”

Why have her parents allowed her back on Bebo?

Oh that’s right, filthy rich people probably pay someone else to do the parenting.

UPDATE 7/13/08: In case you haven’t heard by now the infamous party was a hoax.

  • Jodie Hudson

    hahahahaha OMG this really did not happen what a loud of crap you people wright.
    Miss Hudson

  • Fern Thomson

    Excuse me?! How dare you even begin to insult Jodie's parents like that…. You should all get stuffed because none of you even know the proper story. Ugh!

    Miss Hudsons Best Friend (: x

  • Arvin

    Hahaha that's hilarious – that's what the parents get for not giving a crap about their kids!

  • Idiots Run Amok

    So, it is coming out that this was all a hoax and now mom and family want to sue.

    Your daughter posts a fraudulent story on line.

    Invasion of privacy for using a (FRAUDULENT) story and pictures from a PUBLICALLY available site??

    The worst thing they did so far, is NOT fact check the story.

    And defamation??? They are only repeating THE LIE her daughter published on BEBO. So, her daughter defamed herself.

    I can see copyright issues where the pictures are used without permission. No question.

    But to use something that is not password protected and posted on a public forum?

  • the bully from her l

    She is a slut who doesn't care about anyone but herself. She is the most disturbing child I know. I absolutely hate that I know her. I'm surprised that her parents haven't disowned her by now. Grow up and get a life!