Kentucky plant shooting


Ky. gunman argued with boss over phone, goggles:

Reason to Blow Up the World

HENDERSON, Ky. – A 25-year-old press operator shot and killed five co-workers and himself at a plastics plant in rural western Kentucky just hours after arguing with his supervisor about not wearing safety goggles and using his cell phone while on the assembly line, police said Wednesday.

Authorities said Wesley N. Higdon of Henderson was so riled by the argument with his supervisor that he called his girlfriend and told her that he wanted to kill his boss. The girlfriend didn’t warn anyone, police said, and just two hours later, Higdon argued with another co-worker then shot and killed his supervisor as they walked outside. Then, he returned and shot at co-workers in a break room and on the plant floor.

Authorities said Higdon was known to keep a .45-caliber pistol in his car, which is not illegal in Kentucky.

The first shooting took place as the supervisor was escorting him from the building. Other co-workers were shot in the break room and on the plant floor. One worker was injured and was being treated in the critical care unit at St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center in Evansville, Ind.

Seriously? Over goggles and a cell phone? We don’t have too many guns in this country. We have too many crazy people with guns.

One point for each murder (5), one for taking the coward’s way out, another point for killing people over something so petty, and one last point for the girlfriend who didn’t warn anyone. That’s eight.

Nod of Doom to Juggernuts.