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craigslist crime blotter 7/15/09 – State employed pimp edition

Police warn of Craigslist babysitting fraud:

Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan are warning people about a babysitting scam on craigslist. A man is placing an ad on craigslist looking for a babysitter then when he meets the applicants he takes money from them for a ‘background check’. Of course he runs off with the money and is never heard from again.


‘God O Thunder’ admits he was pimp:

Former State of Ohio employee Robert E. McFadden, 46, pleaded guilty to pimping charges. He took pictures of and placed an ad for a 17-year-old craigslist hooker. He also used the handle God O Thunder to praise the girl’s services on the web site.


Armed robbery charged in Craigslist deception:

A man in Hoffman Estates, Illinois was robbed after he replied to a craigslist ad for a massage. It was unknown if it was legitimate or otherwise but since he was robbed I’ll say otherwise. 29-year-old Craig Jones was charged with armed robbery.


Gastonia man duped in Craigslist transaction:

A man from Gastonia, NC fell for the fake check scam when trying to sell a motorcycle on craigslist. Remember kids if the check is for more than you asked it’s a fake.


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