Alleged Colorado craigslist scammer, NATHANIEL MARSHALL, arrested

Um...his name escapes me at this time.

Man arrested after 9NEWS investigates Craigslist scam:

I love this article by 9NEWS in Colorado, apparently they’re rather proud of themselves for getting a craigslist scammer locked up. It seems that an investigation they did led to the arrest of one 39-year-old NATHANIEL MARSHALL of Aurora.

NATHANIEL MARSHALL was allegedly renting out a condo that not only wasn’t his but was for sale.

This is the typical craigslist rental scam where someone claims to be renting out a property at a bargain price when the property is usually for sale. NATHANIEL MARSHALL is not the first scammer to be busted but it’s usually someone from overseas. NATHANIEL MARSHALL.

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  • Judith_Priest

    BTW, in case people don’t know, this is the same idiot who is running several “Overthrow The Government!” pages on FaceBook.

    “Operation American Spring” is his baby.
    He’s probably grifting again.

    • Johnny Christensen

      He has no ties to Operation American Spring except for the fact he was calling for the execution of the organizer of the event ! Judith Priest do not spread bad things about OAS ! It is a very honest good movement !

    • Ron Valiquette

      WRONG… Marshall set up a petition at accusing
      Col. Riley (the man of distinction who set up OAS) of treason and demanding he, along with other organizers, be
      indicted for treason and given the death penalty.

  • davebeans

    He ran an OAS event page for a while. Then he went berserk.