DC Comics The New 52: Batlesbian


Hey guys, did you know Batwoman is a lesbian? Seriously DC, do you need to beat us over the head with the blunt end of Kate Kane’s sexual preference every single issue?

Now again don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Batwoman being gay. I thought the character was great in 52 even having a previous relationship with Renee Montoya, the lesser and 2nd Question.

This is all being done now solely for the purpose of titillating readers and adds very little to nothing to the storyline. I mean you don’t see Bunker of the Teen Titans kissing every guy he meets. As a matter of fact you don’t see him kissing anyone at all, ever.

And why wasn’t Batwoman included in Night of the Owls? I mean I do hate the Owls storyline but this is supposed to be a Bat-title isn’t it?

Speaking of which so far the only decent Night of The Owls issue was published this week in Red Hood and The Outlaws. I never thought I’d say this about Red Hood but the story was pretty good. Jason Todd needs to be in Gotham more and less flying off to exotic locations fighting supernatural and alien menaces.

The only good title in my opinion this week was Green Lantern Corps. John Stewart just can’t catch a break can he?