Memphis journalist almost rejects Echols’ Kool-Aid

Damien Echols (The Kool-Aid flavor is Blue Glasses Douche.)

Memoir’s missing element: Damien Echols doesn’t confront his baffling behavior:

This is an article/book review from Marc Perrusquia of the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the latest round of propaganda from Damien Echols, aka his new book Life After Death.

At first Mr. Perrusquia makes a grossly misleading statement that the evidence now points away from Echols. That’s not true at all. If it did there would have been an arrest made by now. So after reading this I figured this would just be another reporter kissing Damien Echols’ ass. That turns out not to be the case entirely.

After reading Echols’ book Mr. Perrusquia starts asking the questions about Echols that some of us have been asking for a long time. For example Mr. Perrusquia wonders why Echols didn’t address his mental health history in the book, or his history of violence. Mr. Perrusquia even addresses the witness reported incident of Echols stomping a sick dog to death. He also mentions that Echols’ claims of abuse in the prison system are more than likely exaggerated.

This is a start but it’s not enough. When will we see a journalist actually pose these questions to Echols himself rather than posing the questions hypothetically?

As a side not it appears that Echols and his murder groupie wife have moved to Salem, Mass. While he says he moved there because of the social acceptance I think the real reason he moved there is two-fold. The first is in some ways his mind still works like some teenage goth kid. Oooh look at me I live where witches lived. The second is I think he’s thumbing his nose at his detractors by symbolically saying that his trial was a witch hunt. Then again on that second one I don’t think Echols could be that clever.

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