Triple O has SIUE threat conviction overturned

Olutosin O. Oduwole

Olutosin O. Oduwole

Ill. appeals court tosses conviction, prison term against student rapper in threat case:

Yesterday an Illinois appeals court overturned the conviction and 5 year sentence of Olutosin O. Oduwole or as I refer to him Triple O. Oduwole was arrested back in 2007 when police found a threatening note in his abandoned car on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). The note said…

“if this account doesn’t reach $50,000 in the next seven days, then a murderous rampage similar to the VT shooting will occur at another highly populated university. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!”

This was mere months after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech. His defense was that this was part of a rap that he was writing and was not an actual threat. It didn’t help that Oduwole was under investigation by federal authorities for trying to illegally obtain firearms. In 2011 he was sentenced to 5 years behind bars after being convicted of making the threat against the school.

The appeals court overturned the conviction and sentencing stating that the police found the note under the car’s center console and there was no envelope or stamps found along with it basically stating that there was no intent to send the threat to anyone.

Oduwole has already served the time for the illegal firearm charge. Prosecutors have stated that they may appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Personally I believe that Oduwole had intended to make a threat against the school but it is also possible that he had changed his mind. I’m not saying he’s an angel obviously but if the evidence does not support the charges than he has to be let go.

UPDATE 3/26/2013: Oduwole was released from prison last week.

Prosecutors are appealing his release.

UPDATE 6/15/2013: The Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear the case so Triple O is a free man. And since that is the case in the hopefully not too distant future I will be removing all posts about Mr. Oduwole.