Returned From the Land of the Liars: Damien Echols the TV critic

Damien Echols . (Even in my HuffPo profile pic I'm wearing the douche goggles.)

Damien Echols . (Even in my HuffPo profile pic I’m wearing the douche goggles.)

Returned From the Land of the Dead:

Apparently they’ll let any con man or bullshit artist write for the Huffington Post. For example take our favorite outcast messiah and thrice convicted child murderer Damien Echols. Apparently someone at the HuffPo gave him the assignment of reviewing a TV show about a man who was wrongly convicted and spent 19 years on death row. Starting to sound familiar? Let’s join the review already in progress…

First, I should probably say that I’m not a big fan of prison shows. Or cop shows. Or lawyer shows. Or courtroom drama shows of any sort. I guess that’s one of the side effects of being sentenced to death for a crime I didn’t commit.

Your multiple upheld convictions by the Arkansas Supreme Court and Alford plea say otherwise.

One thing I learned is that almost everything you see on television shows is complete and absolute fiction.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that all the movies about him are 100% accurate. Hey, isn’t 48 Hours a TV show? Hmmmm.

Rectify is the story of a man who was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, and spent 19 years on death row before getting out. Much like in my own real life case, the local politicians refuse to admit he’s innocent even after DNA testing points towards someone else.

According to Google Maps it’s 130 miles from West Memphis to Little Rock. I mention that since obviously Echols considers the State Supreme Court to be ‘local politicians’. Also I guess I have to point out once again that the supposed DNA evidence does not point to ‘someone else’. I guess his handlers told them to cool it on the Terry Hobbs accusations.

The writer of the show, Ray McKinnon, was somewhat familiar with my case. His late wife, Lisa Blount was a friend of mine. She and I exchanged letters while I was on death row in Arkansas, and she even sang at a concert in Arkansas, along with Eddie Vedder, Patti Smith, and Johnny Depp, to help raise awareness about my plight.

That speaks volumes. I’m surprised Mikey isn’t a creative consultant on the show. Of course Echols has to name drop all his celebrity friends again to give himself some kind of validation.

It was odd, thinking back on how I’d been beaten, starved, and treated as something sub-human by prison guards for years.

None of which has ever been proven.

Law enforcement and politicians in the show say that despite what DNA testing shows, the lead character would not have confessed if he weren’t guilty. That greatly mirrors the sentiments I’ve heard in the outside world. The reality is that anyone can be so worn down that they’ll eventually confess to anything, no matter how strong they believe themselves to be. And it happens all the time — from people who are killed after confessing to practicing witchcraft, to people sentenced to lethal injection even though the crime scene bears no resemblance to the confession tortured out of them.

Of course had to throw a reference to the Salem Witch Trials in there because he lives in Salem in case you didn’t know. Apparently Echols like to wield symbolism like a blunt object. I wonder if his statement about confessions was a jab at Jessie Misskelley for his multiple confessions that led to their convictions. Kind of like a “you better keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you” kind of jab.

I’ll give Echols credit for one thing. He seems to be a pretty decent cult leader. I think he’s brainwashed himself into believing his own lies.

  • Joe Gillespie

    You have to con yourself first, I suppose.

  • Erik Kubik

    It helps if you have enablers as well. Maybe the hermetic reiki is useful for assuaging the guilty of so many lies.

  • Lisa Skees Allen

    Another interesting factoid is that every non-supporter comment was removed almost immediately. Either Damien or someone in love with him was moderating the comment section. I posted several times and every one of my posts were deleted. I couldn’t believe Huffington Post would allow this. Take some time and go peruse the comment section, but bring a puke bucket because its a veritable Damien love fest.

  • MsM

    Child killers ARE considered the lowest life form on the food chain in prison so it wouldn’t surprise me if Echols was tortured – by other prisoners, not guards. His douche goggles crack me up – solitary confinement rooms HAVE a window. It’s just ONE window but it’s A window. It’s not like he would have been in SC in complete and utter darkness – that hasn’t been done in a prison since Eastern State Pen was exposed for its brutal treatment of prisoners. This asswipe probably had it better in prison than he ever would have living the oddball, drug infused occult lifestyle he was playing with when he was arrested. The truth will come out sooner or later, it always does. The world knows this man and his friends committed these crimes, all the photo ops and all the attention grabbing appearances in the world can’t erase that reality.

    • Kristin

      Impossible. First of all, he was not in the general population. Death row prisoners never are. Second, he would have gotten celebrity treatment nearly from the beginning. I suspect he was protected above and beyond the protection afforded to most inmates from the start, or least from the first HBO documentary.

  • David Perry Davis

    It’s really not even worth the time to respond to someone stupid enough to write this. It’s just pulling facts out of the air (or somewhere else less pleasant). No, genius, the Arkansas Supreme Court’s final word was NOT to affirm the convictions, it was to reverse the “local politicians” and send it back for a hearing. If the State believed for 1/4 second that they were guilty, they would never have let them walk. Right, right… they did it — and then the magicked away every damn piece of evidence, right? Read Jessie’s statements ( ) yourself and if you still believe there’s a case against this guy, well … back to the original point: You’re too stupid to argue with.

    If there was 10% of the evidence that exists against Hobbs (e.g., DNA, lies, lies, faked alibi, lies, abuse of Stevie Branch, etc lies), y’all would be having a field day with how obvious the guilt was.

    • T-Rog

      “It’s really not even worth the time to respond to someone stupid enough to write this.”

      Yet…you did.

      “Read Jessie’s statements (…. ) yourself and if you still believe there’s a case against this guy, well … back to the original point: You’re too stupid to argue with.

      If there was 10% of the evidence that exists against Hobbs (e.g., DNA, lies, lies, faked alibi, lies, abuse of Stevie Branch, etc lies), y’all would be having a field day with how obvious the guilt was”

      The fact you’re willing to say someone’s too stupid to argue with after this is mind boggling. Let’s change “Hobbs” to “D/J/J” for just a moment.

      DNA- You do realize the hair you’re referring to can’t be proven to be Terry’s right? And even then…so what? He’s Stevie’s stepdad. They live in the same house. Chris and Michael were frequent guests of the house. It’s in the Bode report. And since I brought up Bode…you do know there are hairs that they can’t eliminate the 3 as suspects…right?
      Lies- Damien and Jessie failed polygraphs.
      Lies- Jessie was interrogated for 12 hours… and immediately recanted.
      Faked alibi- You mean like Damien and Jessie’s?
      Lies- Damien claiming he lived in Marion not West Memphis. The claim they barely knew Jessie.
      Abuse- You mean the abuse no one came forward to report, there are no police reports…or hospital records…or social services records of? The ones made by a scorned ex-wife and her family?

      So yeah…I’m having a field day with how obvious the guilt is.

      And lastly, your link it’s helpful. It’s a list of cases pertaining to court briefs in New Jersey. I didn’t find a single reference to this case. Maybe your Daddy Warbucks cigar hampered your vision? I could offer a suggestion of where you can stick that stogie…and yeah, it would be somewhere less pleasant.

      • beesmommie3

        AMEN! Don’t forget that Misskelley confessed SEVERAL times to the crime. Not just the one time.

    • beesmommie3

      You obviously have never read all the evidence that was presented in the trial. You need to visit westmemphis3facts . com

  • Erika Barbara

    Not to mention, Damien Echols is a dead beat father.

    • beesmommie3

      Yes but would you really want him in your child’s life at all? I don’t think that now young man is shouting from the rooftops who the sperm donor was!

      • Erika Barbara


  • Kristin

    You know, I watched Rectify without knowing about the Echols connection. His interpretation of the show is very interesting. The show is very ambiguous about whether or not the protagonist is guilty, even from the first episode. And his behavior increasingly makes him look guilty throughout the first season, culminating with the violent assault of his brother-in-law late in the season.

    As for the name dropping — Damien Echols is the Jane Pratt of child murderers. Good God… They both even have crushes on Eddie Vedder.