Woman escapes California craigslist kidnapper


Chico woman escapes Craigslist kidnapper:

Police in Glencoe, California recently arrested one Jason Tony Bays of Placerville, California on kidnapping charges. Reports say that Bays met a 26-year-old woman from Chico, California on craigslist and took her back to his home. When she tried to leave he allegedly told her she could not and choked her. The woman escaped when Bays took her to a job site in Glencoe. She managed to convince him that she needed to use the bathroom and went into a nearby post office and had employees contact 911.

Even though the woman was said to have communicated with Bays for a month before meeting him face to face this should serve as yet another warning as why you should not meet anyone from craigslist. There are just an inordinate amount of predators and psychos that use the site to find their victims and craigslist is unwilling to do anything about it.

  • onewhoknows

    ALLEGED. It’ A Word. Learn It!

    • http://gplus.to/trenchreynolds Trench Reynolds

      Yes, ‘it a word’ as you put it. That’s why I used it if you bothered to check.

    • justwondering

      Didn’t she have the bruises to prove the violence?

  • The woman

    Yes I did and I still have a scar from his thumb pressing into my trachea. Want to see? This event still haunts me. And when I am able to I will tell my story… Just wait till the trial ends… We all have something in our lives that will fallow us forever weather good or bad and this is mine.

    • Amy myers

      You’re a dirty fucking whore I love Jason he would never fucking put his hands on a woman “bitch” and this is why he’s free!!!