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We get letters: You are the leader of a sick colte


Received another lovely e-mail singing my virtues…

To “trench” You are a embellishing, twisted person who has a sick fascination with child related crimes. You are a known distortionist who many people hate. You are the leader of a sick colte. You are the biggest troll of them all and I have nothing but the worst wishes for you. I hope you burn in hell with the real monsters and they take advantage of you. Enjoy the pitiful thing you call a life you hypocritical douchebag.

What is a colte and how do you know if one is sick? Do you have to shoot it at that point? Oh, he meant a cult. Yeah, I don’t get the comparison either. It’s not like I force people to read my site.

Also this is just another ploy in the pedo-defenders bag of tricks, accusing someone who frowns on the practice of pedophiles of being a pedophile. I believe that’s called the “I know you are but what am I” axiom. Since they’re so preoccupied with the thoughts of children they begin to act like them.

While I may be going to hell my conscience will be clear knowing that I didn’t get there by being a kiddie toucher.

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  • http://ronnisrants.blogspot.com ronni

    You really need a better class of trolls.

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      Is there such a thing?

  • Soobs

    Can I be in your colte? I’ve never been in one before. And I didn’t know that you are a KNOWN distortionist. So, obviously, DUH, it isn’t known. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      Yes, all are welcome in my colte.

  • ZappaCrappa

    I am greatful Trench let me in his colte. I solt my trayler and gives him the muney and he let me in! Now I make necklesses all day and he sells them on the internetweb to make more muney for our colte. Tomorrow he says we get kookaid. I caint wait!!!

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist….
    Colte member ZappaCrappa

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      I splurge for the brand name too. None of that Flava Ade crap.

    • http://ronnisrants.blogspot.com ronni

      I have a very short neck, but I’m not entirely neckless. Can I still joyn?

    • [email protected]

      that’s friggin funny there zappa good job!!

  • Ticia

    Trench, you and I may disagree on some things, but for someone to say this about you is disgusting! You are doing a favor by posting these things on here and on bad breeders. You are calling out the sites that allow this activity to go on.

    I just watched a 20/20 on ID, where two cousins were kidnapped, abused and sold as prostitutes. You keep it up, and where we disagree on things we will agree to disagree.

  • [email protected]

    hey trench may I join your ‘colte’ ….lol not to make light of this subject, BUT…if a person is sincere enough to address you in the way he did, it seems pretty obv., that spell check is necessary… not to be viewed to others as an ignorant assclown with poor spelling…and butchering those words such as ‘colte’. His validity sure went out the window for me….thank you trench, for your education daily.

  • RadioChuck

    Is the head of your group named Nick Colte? LOL

  • Muggle


    lol. What the hell is a distortionist, anyway? Is that like a contortionist? You should show us your moves.

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      It’s like a contortionist but I twist other people.

  • Buffettgirl

    Oh HELL! Thanks for the laugh, this retardiot needs to go back to 3rd grade and learn how to spell. Seriously, sound out the words assclown, remember your “Hooked on Phonics” and we won’t have cause to laugh at your drivel quite so hard. I’m pretty sure I could spell a simple word like “cult” in kindergarten… (no, seriously, I was reading at two!)

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      I thought maybe it was autocorrect but colte isn’t a word.

  • Crime News

    I agree with you trench. The person who wrote this seemed to have negative intentions by making a poor atempt to make you look bad. They gave no reason behind their poorly worded rant. But to be fair and by looking at the other side of the coin, (I guess) I must ask, only because I’ve heard some of these things before. Is there any truth behind what some of these people say? Do you embellish and add in opinions that damage stories? J/W

  • Name

    Is it really right to say someone called you a chomo when they didn’t, and then you say that they are? If you ask me… You are as childish as he is. Even by re posting this, you have already let him win and by trying to be a grammar nazi with nothing stating his statement to be false.. Looks like’ smells like.. You both are children. Now shut up and post some relevant news. :D fyi: you still rock!

  • lily

    Wow I am in a colte ! Probably written by illiterate WM3 or Harris/Klebold fanhags . They are not the sharpest tools in the shed but tools non the least. I guess they never heard of spellcheck .