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Changes for 2014


There are going to be some changes on this website in 2014 if it is to continue. I no longer have the time nor the energy to dedicate as I once did in the past. Long gone are the days where I could post ten stories a day. Now I’m lucky if I can post ten stories a month.

I’m tired of coming home and wading through 100+ emails every day and having only one or two of them be stories and then have those turn out to be filler stories.

I wish I could post about every pedophile, pervert, and predator out there but it’s nigh impossible these days. So in the new year some of the more extraneous subjects will no longer be posted and I’ll be more selective about stories in the main topics. Hopefully I can work something out where I can enjoy writing again.

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  • SithSnoopy

    Hang in there, Trench. :) I understand.

  • edrebber

    Illegitimi non carborundum.