CDC warns of new vaping risk: stupidity


CDC warns of new risk related to e-cigarettes:

The anti-smoking advocates aren’t going to be happy until vaping (still hate that term) and e-cigarettes have the same stigmas as smoking. In my opinion the Centers for Disease Control is really reaching in their new findings. They now say that nicotine poisoning is on the rise due to people either accidentally ingesting or touching their nicotine laden e-juice.

“People do not appreciate the level of toxicity that is present in this e-liquid. This is concentrated nicotine,” said Dr. Tim McAfee, Centers for Disease Control Office on Smoking and Health.

Those people are what we like to call stupid. This is why they tell you not to smoke while using any nicotine replacement product like patches and the like. Of course some of those poisonings have happened to unsuspecting children.

All you have to do is touch the liquid nicotine to develop symptoms. Users “vape” the liquid and can switch out the containers of e-juice for different flavors, like cotton candy and bubble gum.

Kids under age six accounted for more half of the e-cigarette-related calls to poison centers.

Why is it always candy cotton and bubble gum that are mentioned as flavors. My local vape store has JD and Coke as a flavor. You never see the media mention that. Anyway, if you’re leaving your e-juice out where your kids can get at it you are a bad parent. I wonder how many children under the age of six they get from any other type of poisoning. I’d like see where e-juice ranks in a list of poisons reported to the CDC.

Use a little common sense people before they make it where we’ll have to go back to smoking.

  • Vega

    Jack and Coke eh? I guess the CDC could accuse the e-cig industry of inducing adults under 21 to future drinking by flavoring their favorite gadget as a spirituous beverage. Okay, enough sarcasm for a moment… You probably don’t want the liquid nicotine to come in contact with your skin as it can be absorbed, but these ‘flavorings’ are so dilute that I have to imagine it could only cause an overdose in small children. Which begs the question, why are small children able to access e-juice and poison themselves? They can’t buy it. I think it’s kind of analogous to the gun arguments. You can offer all the safety measures in the world, but there is no cure for negligent parents who leave dangerous things lying around for their children to come into contact with. I can’t imagine the risk for an adult to be any greater than them coming in to contact with any other manner of lethal household chemicals found in the average garage.

  • Alyric

    “This is concentrated nicotine.”

    …wow. A doctor said this? A doctor that works for the CDC?

    A single DROP of nicotine kills. If it was ‘concentrated’ nicotine, people would dying left and right. No, it’s diluted nicotine, Einstein.