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Dane Abdool appeals death sentence over execution drug

Court Filing Challenges Florida’s New Execution Drug:

Dane Abdool

Dane Abdool

Dane Abdool is appealing his Florida death sentence over the new lethal injection drug midazolam. Abdool’s supporters argue that it could be cruel and unusual punishment after a prisoner moved more than usual during past executions.

When this argument comes up I always have to give a dark chuckle. Hanging if done right broke the neck instantly causing death. A firing squad was as quick and painless as they get. With lethal injection the prisoner just goes to sleep before taking the big sleep. To speak of cruel and unusual when it comes to the likes of Dane Abdool insults the memories of his victim.

You see, Abdool is a holdover from the days when I had a website called News of Doom. The stories featured on that site were about the worst that humanity had to offer. When Abdool was first arrested back in 2006 his friends and family flooded the site defending Abdool acting like he was a choir boy. Hardly.

If you’re not familiar with the story back in 2006 a then 20-year-old Abdool was arrested in the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo. He killed her because he thought that she was pregnant. Except he didn’t just kill her. He forced her out of his car on a county road where he forced her into a ditch and set her on fire. He covered her in gasoline and SET HER ON FIRE. A 17-year-old girl who he thought was carrying his child. It turns out that Amelia wasn’t even pregnant.

So whatever anti-death penalty pansy ass shyster is appealing his sentence they should be ashamed of themselves. Cruel and unusual is the way that Amelia Sookdeo died. First the oxygen being drawn out of her body before the intense heat just melts the skin off of her muscles and bones. You’re going to tell me that’s not cruel and unusual?

It would only be cruel and unusual if they executed Abdool by dousing him in gasoline then setting him on fire while he’s spit roasted over an open flame so he burns evenly. That would also be justice.

You want to know why the United States has the largest prison population in the world? There’s no deterrent to keep people out. Anybody can get off.

Dane Abdool’s mom sentenced for embezzling

If you don’t remember the story of Dane Abdool is a holdover from the old News of Doom days. Abdool was convicted and sentenced to death for setting his then girlfriend, Amelia Sookdeo, on fire killing her.

His mom, 47-year-old Nazreen Mohammed, admitted to embezzling from financial institutions she worked for in order to help pay for her son’s legal defense. Mohammed believes that her son is innocent even though it was a very open and shut case. Mohammed would drain the accounts of the elderly and the deceased in order to try and get her murdering psychopath of a son released.

Last week she was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison and 3 years probation.

I never understood why families stick together like this when one of their members is obviously guilty. If a member of my family wrapped a 17-year-old girl in duct tape, doused her in gasoline, threw her in a ditch and set her on fire I would probably be the first person calling for their execution.

Dane Abdool’s mom admits to embezzling

Back when I was running a site called News of Doom one of the more disturbing and controversial stories I posted was about Dane Abdool from Florida. He was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death for killing his 17-year-old girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo by setting her on fire in a ditch.

When I first posted the story Abdool’s family posted a number of comments about how he was innocent and how the victim ‘had it coming’.

It turns out that criminality runs in the family as Abdool’s mom, 47-year-old Nazreen Mohammed, has just pleaded guilty to embezzling $83K from the bank she worked at.

She’s looking at 60 years behind bars. Family photos will now be interesting with all that jumpsuit orange in them.

Dane Abdool’s mom accused of embezzling

Bank Embezzlement Linked To Death Row Inmate:

I love the word embezzlement. It’s a funny word. However what’s not funny is Dane Abdool. Some of you old timers may remember the original post about Dane Abdool. Then 20-year-old Abdool was arrested for killing his 17-year-old girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo by setting her on fire. That post unleashed a torrent of comments from Abdool supporters claiming that he was innocent. Yeah, Amelia must have spontaneously combusted.

Anyway Abdool must have been so innocent that he was not only convicted he was also sentenced to death.

Now criminal activity may run in the family because his mom, Nazreen Mohammed, is not only being accused of stealing money from a dead woman’s bank account but she’s also been accused of embezzling $80K from a credit union in order to fund her son’s appeal.

Now they may have matching jumpsuits in the next family portrait.

Jury recommends death for Abdool

Jury Sentences Abdool To Death:
The jury that convicted Dane Abdool of setting his girlfriend on fire have recommended the death penalty.

Abdool was convicted of killing Amelia Sookdeo by wrapping her in duct tape, dousing her in gasoline and setting her on fire.

The story isn’t over yet as the judge has final discretion on sentencing.

Death penalty sought in burning death

Man Who Allegedly Set Girlfriend On Fire Could Get Death Penalty:

It’s been over a year since we’ve heard anything about Dane Abdool. He’s the man, and I use that term loosely, from Florida who is accused of killing his girlfriend, Amelia Sookdeo, by setting her on fire. The last we heard the State’s Attorney’s Office was more than likely considering the death penalty for Abdool. That consideration is now a reality as they have made it official that they are seeking the death penalty. The trial is set to start in February.

Death penalty sought in murder of Amelia Sookdeo

Death penalty to be sought in girl’s killing:

In the long and storied tradition of News of Doom we’ve only followed two crimes consistently. The first being the murder of Jennifer Parks by Jonathan Zarate and the second being Esmie Tseng stabbing her mother to death. I usually only consistently follow a crime when it generates enough discussion on this site that leads me to believe people want to see additional news on it. Well we now have a third crime to add to the News of Doom annals. That would be the murder of Amelia Sookdeo who was allegedly burned to death by her boyfriend Dane Abdool who allegedly set her on fire after an argument where Amelia thought she was pregnant. I’ve received feedback from both families in this case. However the news doesn’t look too good for Abdool as prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Amelia’s murder. Yesterday Abdool was indicted by a grand jury on a first-degree murder charge.

Burned his girlfriend alive


Police: Teen Burned Alive Over Pregnancy:

Reason to Blow Up the World: Even rarer than the Sunday News of Doom story is the dreaded Saturday News of Doom story.

A 20-year-old man in Ocoee, Fla., was charged with murder after he confessed to pouring gasoline over his ex-girlfriend and then setting her on fire because she may have been pregnant, police told Local 6 News.

Winter Garden police officers investigating a report of a car fire noticed a small fire on the east side of County Road 545 on Feb. 25.

When officers extinguished the flames, they found the body of Amelia Sookdeo, 17, burned beyond recognition.

An investigation into the homicide led to Sookdeo’s ex-boyfriend, Dane Abdool, 20, who at first denied any involvement in the crime, according to the report.

However, when police confronted him with inconsistencies in his story and presented a set of tire marks from his car photographed at the scene, Abdool confessed to the crime, Local 6 News reported.

“He admitted that he had met his former girlfriend that night, she sneaked out and he picked her up and went to his apartment in Ocoee,” Winter Garden Police Chief George Brennan said. “From there they left and had an argument and he took her down County Road 545, forced her out of the car. He poured gasoline on her and ignited it.”

Abdool told police that he was arguing with Sookdeo over her possible pregnancy and he was just trying to scare her, Local 6 News reported.

Here’s the twist…

“The medical examiner found no evidence that she was having a baby,” Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest said.

Way to go you scumbag. You killed your own girlfriend in one of the most brutal ways possible over something that is supposed to be so beautiful like bringing a new life into the world and she wasn’t even pregnant. I hope the firs of hell burn a million times hotter for you once you get there.

My prayers and condolences go out to the Sookdeo family.