Possible motive given in Waseca plot


Sorry everyone. I know this story is a few weeks old. If you’re looking for up to the minute stuff I’m not your guy. Remember, I’m just one guy. No staff or underlings or anything like that.

Anyway, recently the statements made by 17-year-old John David LaDue to police about the alleged plot to attack Waseca High School have been made public. If you’ll recall LaDue was arrested back in April for allegedly plotting to kill his parents before heading to the school.

In his statements it appears that LaDue is blaming his actions on mental illness…

“I was not bullied at all. I don’t think I was ever bullied in my life. I have good parents, I live in a good town. I think I was just mentally ill and no one’s noticed and I’ve been trying to hide it,” he said.

Several times throughout his discussion with Schroeder, LaDue said he wanted an opportunity to speak with a mental health professional and find out “what was wrong with (him)”, telling the officer his life took a turn about the time he entered high school.

There was no incident to trigger the change, he said, just a distinct difference in his behavior.

LaDue said he then began having homicidal thoughts, something prosecutors reiterated in court last month after revealing he threatened to strangle a mental health professional while in custody.

Personally I don’t think LaDue is mentally ill as much as he is a sociopath…

But even though LaDue believed he was mentally ill, he was unwilling to ask for help, because that, he said, might change his plans.

He’s trying to use mental illness as a defense even though it’s obvious he knew the difference between right and wrong.

Also I take back calling LaDue a Columbine fanboy. It seems he sort of held other shooters in disdain, especially the one’s that took the coward’s way out.

“I didn’t want to be a wuss like all the other shooters like (Sandy Hook shooter) Adam Lanza who shot himself,” he said. “I wanted to get taken down by the SWAT and show I wasn’t a wimp and will fight with equal force. I wanted to get out of this place.”

I hate to break it to him but suicide by cop is still suicide especially after killing a bunch of people. That’s the ultimate coward’s act.

Two more teens and a 40-year-old charged in connection with Waseca High School plot

Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs

Two unnamed 17-year-olds and a 40-year-old have been charged in connection with the alleged school shooting plot against Waseca High School in Minnesota.

Previously 17-year-old John David LaDue was charged as the lone conspirator in the plot. Recently two 17-year-old acquaintances of LaDue were arrested for allegedly purchasing the materials for and helping LaDue make homemade bombs. 40-year-old Michael Jacobs allegedly sold LaDue a .45 off the books. Police say that none of the three new suspects knew anything about LaDue’s intentions.

I can see a bunch of dumb ass teens making homemade explosives. A lot of us have stupidly done that in our youth. Although that does not make it right. However a 40-year-old man should know better than to sell a gun to a 17-year-old for any reason no matter what he was getting in return.

Minnesota mutant busted for plotting attack against Waseca High School

Waseca teen planned school massacre, idolized Columbine shooters:

Waseca teen charged in alleged school massacre plot:

Latest: Waseca police say plot involved killing family, bombing school:


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now 17-year-old John David LaDue, of Waseca, Minnesota, has been arrested and charged with plotting an attack against Waseca High School. LaDue was caught at a storage facility when an employee of the facility called police and said that LaDue was acting suspiciously. When police got there they investigated the storage container and found a metric ass-ton of bomb making materials. Some bomb squad members say it’s the most they’ve ever seen in one place.

LaDue allegedly told police of his entire plot which would have involved killing his parents, setting doiversionary fires to keep fore and EMS busy, placing pressure cooker bombs at the school then shooting his victims as they fled the school.

Not surprisingly it turns out that LaDue is a mutant. That’s my term for a Columbine fanboy/fanfgirl. If you don’t think they really exist just go to Tumblr and do a search for Columbine or ‘columbiner’ as they refer to themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had his own Tumblr. He even originally planned the attack to take place on April 20th of this year which turned out to be a Sunday. He then planned to commit the attacks in the next week or so.

LaDue was also said to be in possession of multiple guns and ammunition at his home. Where they were obtained from has yet to be made public to my knowledge. It also turns out that LaDue was allegedly perfecting his bomb making skills by leaving explosive devices all over town, one in a stuffed Elmo toy at a playground. Luckily that device did not detonate.

Police are saying that LaDue was the only person involved in the plot. No motive has been given as of yet. So far LaDue is being held as a juvenile but I expect that to change considering the amount of firepower that was in his possession.

So once again we have another entitled mutant who can’t come up with an idea of his own and has to deal with his own inadequacies by copying the cowards that came before him with a little Kip Kinkel thrown in this time. Not to mention that on the surface it once again sounds like we have some very inattentive parenting going on if he was able to store guns and bombs in his bedroom. If it wasn’t for the storage employee his parent or parents would have been killed for their inattentiveness.

I haven’t heard the bullying trope trotted out yet but I’m sure it will be at some point.

UPDATE 5/14/2014: LaDue has entered a plea of not guilty. Also of note his dad showed up to the hearing wearing an NRA shirt. Doesn’t sound like Dad’s helping in the least.

Convicted Marshfield plotter committed suicide

Marshfield High bombing plotter found dead in Quincy:

I thought long and hard about posting this story. I thought either way if I did or did not post anything about it someone would be offended so I decided to post anyway.

Starting in 2004 I posted about a school shooting plot that was set to take place at Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Two kids were arrested. I thought one was guilty and one was innocent. Both were convicted and served their time. I thought and still think that Tobin Kerns was innocent. Conversely I thought and still think that Joe Nee was guilty. The weekend prior to the Thanksgiving holiday Joe Nee took his own life.

I’m not here to rehash history. Also I take no pleasure in Joe Nee’s death. What I’d like to do today is talk about suicide.

Suicide is a byproduct of mental illness. Believe me I know. In my youth I attempted suicide a number of times. If you’re having thought about harming or killing yourself it means you need help. No matter what anyone says there is no shame in reaching out for that help. After being suicide obsessed for so many years I reached out and I’m thankful that I did. Also if you think that no one is going to miss you that’s just not true. Your suicide will have negative impacts on friends and family members for years to come and they might never be the same. I wouldn’t want that and I know most of you wouldn’t either.

Again it can’t be said enough. There is no shame in seeking professional help for a mental health issue. It may be the difference between life and death, not only for you but those around you as well.

Convicted school bomb plotter runs for mayor in Utah

Bomb plotter runs for mayor: Joshua Hoggan candidacy will mean primary election for Roy seat:

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Early in 2012 police in Roy, Utah arrested a then 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan for allegedly plotting an attack on Roy High School. At the time of his arrest Hoggan was offended when police compared him to the Columbine cowards. He thought that his plan would have done more damage because of how intelligent he is. I think the word he was looking for was arrogant and not intelligent. Hoggan was supposedly so obsessed with his plan that he flew to Colorado, unattended and unknown by anyone, so he could interview Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis about what happened at Columbine. Hoggan and a cohort were also said to be in possession of bomb making materials. For all his problems Hoggan only got 6 months in juvenile detention.

Fast forward to June of 2013 and a now 18-year-old Hoggan is running for mayor of Roy. Since Hoggan was sentenced as a juvenile his criminal record is technically sealed even though everyone knows what he was convicted of. This is just one of the many reasons why this arrogant toad should have been charged as an adult. I would say he has no shot in hell of becoming mayor but stranger things have happened. So there’s a possibility that the city of Roy, Utah could have someone who wanted to blow up a school that had more than a 1000 students at the time as their mayor. Good luck with that.

UPDATE 8/23/2013: Last week Hoggan lost his bid for mayoralship with less than 5% of the vote. How did he get that much? Who voted for him? Angry suburban 18-year-olds who think Green Day is punk? Whatever. At least we don’t have to worry about a Utah mutant enclave. Utah mutant? Mutahnt?

Oregon mutant charged in school attack plot

Grant Acord

Grant Acord

Albany high school student accused of planning ‘Columbine-style’ attack:

Back towards the end of May 17-year-old Grant Acord was arrested for allegedly plotting an attack against West Albany High School in Albany, Oregon. Six bombs were seized from his home after police received a tip from another student. The bombs seized were Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, Drano bombs and napalm which I’m going to assume was of the homemade variety. Some of his classmates said that he would randomly talk about bombs for no apparent reason the most recent incident coming a week prior to his arrest.

Not surprisingly investigators say that he modeled his plot after the Columbine attack. They say that he identified with the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold and thought that he could make ‘improvements’ on their handiwork. This does officially classify him as a mutant in my opinion. For those of you that are new to the site mutant is the term I use to describe people who sympathize, identify or outright idolize school shooters, specifically the Columbine scumbags.

Of course Accord is said to have the pre-requisite journals. Let’s look at a selection from them shall we?

At about 11:10, he would begin blasting music from the car while walking toward the school, a napalm firebomb in one hand and a duffel bag in the other.

‘Drop duffel. Light and throw napalm, unzip bag and begin firing,’ the notebook said. ‘Cooly state: ”the Russian grim reaper is here.”

The line is apparently a reference to the 2003 film Bad Boys II.

The plan went on: ‘Throw a smoke bomb prior to walking in. Proceed to enter the school, then shoot and throw bombs throughout the school. Kill myself before S.W.A.T. engages me.’

Another dumbass who thinks life is like the movies, bad movies at that.

Police said they found printouts of a website listing the weapons used by the shooters at Columbine High School and a list of items to use in an attack, including a black trenchcoat, a belt with skull and crossbones buckle, wool socks, various explosive devices and a propane tank.

Several items were listed on a page titled I NEED. They include explosive materials, ammunition, a Hi-Point 995 rifle and a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun.

What? No TEC-9 so he could be like one of his cowardly heroes? I’m surprised.

While no motive or specific targets have been made public yet we already have the excuse. Bullying you say? Maybe Asperger’s? None of the above. In the wake of his arrest his mom has come out and said that he is mentally ill because of PANDAS.


No, not those kind of pandas. PANDAS is supposedly an onset of OCD that is caused by a strep infection. According to Wiki PANDAS stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections and has not yet been officially recognized as a disease only a hypothesis. Last time I checked OCD doesn’t cause people to go on murderous rampages. Think of all that blood they may get on them.

No, what we have here is just another loser probably blaming his own failures on every one else himself with the help of enablers around him.

UPDATE 7/6/2013: This is a very good article about a mom whose son has PANDAS whose exact words were when she heard of Grant Acord’s excuse “I kind of said, are you kidding me?”

UPDATE 12/12/2013: It’s official. They’re going to use PANDAS as an insanity defense

Acord can distinguish right from wrong, his attorney Jennifer Nash said, but she added that his obsessive-compulsive disorder caused the former West Albany High School junior to be unable to follow the law.

“Our position is my client was suffering from a mental disease or defect that made him unable to conform his behavior to the requirements of law,” she said.

Spare me.

UPDATE 5/14/2014: Acord has entered plea of guilty which could see him held until his 25th birthday. I exchange for the plea prosecutors have dropped attempted murder charges. His mom is still going on about how her precious snowflake has teh PANDAZ.

Triple O has SIUE threat conviction overturned

Olutosin O. Oduwole

Olutosin O. Oduwole

Ill. appeals court tosses conviction, prison term against student rapper in threat case:

Yesterday an Illinois appeals court overturned the conviction and 5 year sentence of Olutosin O. Oduwole or as I refer to him Triple O. Oduwole was arrested back in 2007 when police found a threatening note in his abandoned car on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). The note said…

“if this account doesn’t reach $50,000 in the next seven days, then a murderous rampage similar to the VT shooting will occur at another highly populated university. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!”

This was mere months after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech. His defense was that this was part of a rap that he was writing and was not an actual threat. It didn’t help that Oduwole was under investigation by federal authorities for trying to illegally obtain firearms. In 2011 he was sentenced to 5 years behind bars after being convicted of making the threat against the school.

The appeals court overturned the conviction and sentencing stating that the police found the note under the car’s center console and there was no envelope or stamps found along with it basically stating that there was no intent to send the threat to anyone.

Oduwole has already served the time for the illegal firearm charge. Prosecutors have stated that they may appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Personally I believe that Oduwole had intended to make a threat against the school but it is also possible that he had changed his mind. I’m not saying he’s an angel obviously but if the evidence does not support the charges than he has to be let go.

UPDATE 3/26/2013: Oduwole was released from prison last week.

Prosecutors are appealing his release.

UPDATE 6/15/2013: The Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear the case so Triple O is a free man. And since that is the case in the hopefully not too distant future I will be removing all posts about Mr. Oduwole.

Sammie Chavez’s mother says that he did not plan school shooting

Sammie Chavez

Sammie Chavez

Mother of B’ville student accused of plotting mass shooting says he did not seriously plan violence:

I’m in the process of trying to catch up on stories that I’ve fallen way behind on due to other stories taking precedence or because of my real life responsibilities and this is one of them. It deals with 18-year-old Sammie Chavez who was arrested for plotting a school shooting attack against Bartlesville High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Chavez was arrested on the same day as the Newtown tragedy but before that shooting took place. You can see my original post on Chavez here.

Not too long after his arrest back in December Chavez’s mother came out to the media saying that her son would never plan any such kind of violence.

Jessie Chavez said her son has symptoms of possible mental illnesses – including depression, bipolar disorder and multiple personalities – and had been seeing a therapist. She believes that the thought came during a fleeting swing in emotions.

“Deep down, I don’t think my son would have done this,” she said. “That’s not my son. My son laughs and makes jokes. He’s always pulling pranks.”

If her son does in fact have deep seeded mental issues such as MPD then she has my sympathy however let’s take a look at the evidence.

Police allege that Sammie Chavez attempted to recruit other students Dec. 12 to help him lure people into the school’s auditorium, where he said he would open fire after chaining the doors and placing bombs to detonate when police arrived.

A court affidavit says Chavez used school computers to research pipe bombs and the Columbine High School mass shooting.

Police later seized a Marlin 99 M1 .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle from his home, as well as journals, notes, drawings, photographs of students cut out of a newspaper, two swords, a set of brass knuckles and marijuana.

This sounds far from prank to me.

However this does open the argument about mental healthcare and the rights of the individual in this country. If someone is criminally insane and a potential danger to the public around them there’s not a whole lot anyone can do until that person actually acts on those impulses.

UPDATE 5/14/2013: Speaking of mental illness Chavez has been deemed competent to stand trial.

He’s also pleaded not guilty.

UPDATE 9/24/2013: Earlier today Chavez was convicted of planning to perform an act of violence. He was acquitted on the conspiracy charges. He’s looking at 30 months behind bars.

UPDATE 11/14/2013: Chavez was sentenced to 30 months behind bars after the sentence was recommended to the judge by a jury. He will also be credited for time served. Seems a little light to me but if he truly does have mental illnesses I hope he can get the help he needs before he acts on these violent impulses.

Gun control board has father of school shooting plotter as member

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Biden Gun Control Task Force: Committee Member’s Son Served Time For Plotting Columbine-Style Attack:

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy President Obama entrusted Vice President Biden with heading up a gun control task force. Now before you get your hackles up this post is neither about politics nor gun control so save it for your Facebook. Anyway Vice President Biden should have done better screening on some the task force’s members.

One of the members is one Thomas Nee, head of the Boston police union and President of the National Association of Police Organizations. Thomas Nee is also the father of Joe Nee. Nee was convicted back in 2008 for plotting an attack against Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Mass. But wait, it gets better.

Nee wasn’t the first person to be arrested for the plot. That would be Tobin Kerns. Nee himself went to police to implicate Kerns in the plot. It wasn’t until an outcry in the community that Nee was arrested. To this day Tobin Kerns is one of only two people who I believe were unfairly convicted of plotting a school shooting.

As the story goes Nee was a known Columbine sympathizer going as far as wearing a t-shirt with the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold on it that said remember the heroes. Thomas Nee had even thrown his son out of his house for unknown reasons and was taken in by the Kernses. All the evidence found in the plot was found in the room that Nee was staying in. I’m not going as far to say that Nee received special treatment because of his dad but if it walks like a duck. He even served less time than Kerns.

The last time we heard from Joe Nee he was trying to get his conviction overturned by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. He was not successful. Local rumor had it that Nee was trying to get his conviction overturned so he could become a Boston cop. The same city where his dad just happens to be the head of the police union. Not only would that be blatant nepotism but he would be basically letting a dangerous psychopath into a job where he’s given guns and power. Not the smartest move in the world.

Let’s also not forget about Thomas Nee’s other son Edward Nee. He was arrested back in 2011 for allegedly crashing a party, punching a man in the face, kicking the man while he was on the ground and held a girl by the throat and punched her in the face. At the time of that arrest he was out on bail for allegedly breaking into cars.

My point is how does Tom Nee keep getting these lofty positions when his sons are criminals and he supposedly tried to get one of them on the same police force he works at where he happens to be head of the union? I’m not saying he’s a dirty cop but a lot of his past actions tend to fall on the shady side.

Teenage white supremacist arrested in school bomb plot

Derek Shrout. Did you ever notice that the so-called master race is filled with a lot of idiot rednecks?

Derek Shrout. Did you ever notice that the so-called master race is filled with a lot of idiot rednecks?

Russell County authorities intercept school terror plot:

RCHS student accused of making bombs and terrorist threats:

Police in Russell County, Alabama have arrested 17-year-old Derek Shrout for allegedly planning a bomb attack at Russel County High School. A teacher found his misplaced journal that supposedly contained his plans and contacted police. Shrout said that the journal was a work of fiction but when police searched his house they say they say they found dozens of chewing tobacco cans with BBs in them for shrapnel and holes drilled in them for fuses. They say the only thing that was missing were black powder and fuses. Two things that are not actually hard to obtain but these bombs couldn’t be any more redneck than if he made Molotov cocktails with Bud bottles.

Before anybody jumps on the bullying bandwagon you can probably put the bandwagon back in the garage. Shrout is an admitted white supremacist. Police say that he was targeting six students and a teacher although there’s no information on why they were being targeted yet. Investigators also say that they believe Shrout may have been convinced to act after what happened in Newtown but I’ll reserve my personal judgment on that. If Shrout was bullied he probably deserved it for being a racist douche.

UPDATE 1/7/2013: Six of the seven people on Shrout’s hit list were black and the seventh was perceived as gay. I think we have a motive.

UPDATE 1/8/2013: Shrout has been released on $75K bond. Sleep well Alabama. Shrout has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and must be supervised while on the internet. Any bets on if Shrout tries to lose the ankle monitor?

UPDATE 10/19/2013: Shrout’s request to be tried as a youthful offender has been denied. That means the now 18-year-old Shrout will be tried as an adult.

UPDATE 5/5/2014: Shrout has pleaded guilty to attempted assault in the first degree and is asking for probation. If he does get probation I doubt it would be long before he was back in jail.

UPDATE 7/18/2014: Shrout was sentenced to two years probation. At the end of that two years a judge will determine if Shrout should go to prison for three years.