It’s time to stop the blood in pro wrestling

The Great Muta. The man who took blading to a new level.

The Great Muta. The man who took blading to a new level.

Wow, it’s been years since I did a pro wrestling post but I saw something the other night that made me think about something.

So I was watching Impact Wrestling this past Thursday night and they had a cage match. One of the wrestlers, Kurt Angle, ended up bleeding. Yes, I know that wrestling is ‘fake’ but the blood isn’t. While wrestlers may not bleed from things like steel chairs, golden spikes and other foreign objects they bleed nonetheless and the process is called blading. In order to draw blood on cue a wrestler may carry a tiny sharp object in his tights, usually a piece of razor blade. In this day and age no one should be bleeding in the ring anymore but I don’t feel this way out of some righteous moral crusade about violence on TV. It has more to do with the safety of the wrestlers in the ring.

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for 26 years now. While it is on the clerical side of things I still had to take several OSHA classes on what to do in case of a biohazard. One of the most common biohazard in hospitals and medical practices are blood spills. So many diseases are communicable through bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis and HIV. Now as much as I love wrestling let’s face facts. Some professional wrestlers are not the most health conscious people. While they may lift and train some of them have been needle drug users and I’m sure more than one wrestler has engaged in unprotected sex sometime in their lives.

By wrestlers continuing to engage in blading is not only reckless towards the wrestlers it can be dangerous to the ringside fans as well. How many matches have spilled out of the ring and occasionally have gone into the crowd? Back in the heyday of ECW this used to be a common occurrence and I’m sure a lot of indy promotions do this as well.

In a medical setting if there is a blood spill it’s treated like if there was a radioactive leak in the hospital. In wrestling it just gets mopped up if you’re lucky. Blood is dangerous and while pro wrestlers are always putting their bodies at risk this is one risk that is not only too great but it can easily be prevented.

Regulatin’ Rasslin’

Georgia May Regulate Wrestling as a Sport In Response to Chris Benoit Murder-Suicide:

In a knee-jerk response to the Chris Benoit murder-suicide the State of Georgia, where the crime took place, is considering regulating professional wrestling as a real sport.

These politicians may think that they’re protecting wrestlers from steroids and concussions by enacting such legislation but they’re really not.

I believe it was Oregon that tried a similar regulation not too many years ago. They were regulating wrestling because of health concerns. I believe it was because of the blood that wrestlers shed in matches that Oregon officials were trying to protect wrestlers and fans from blood-borne diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. So what did the wrestling companies do. They just didn’t go to Oregon anymore. That will be the same thing that happens to Georgia if they enact any kind of legislation like that. Which would mean no more Pay Per Views in Georgia which would mean a loss of revenue for the state. That would be a shame because Georgia has such a rich history of professional wrestling.

Also if you regulate pro wrestling you’d have to regulate other non-sporting events as well such as the circus or rock concerts.

Besides this won’t really protect the wrestlers. They’ll be doing the same things they’ve always done, just in another state.

Official cause of death for Eddie Guerrero

Guerrero was heart disease victim:

Eddie Guerrero’s official cause of death has been released…

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office ruled Thursday that World Wrestling Entertainment star Eddie Guerrero died of natural causes related to a heart disease known as hardening of the arteries.

Arteriosclerotic heart disease occurs when the heart vessels narrow, limiting blood flow, said Roberta Geiselhart, supervisor of investigators for the medical examiner’s office. Genetics, poor diet and smoking are common causes.

The office also said he suffered from enlarged organs, a condition commonly linked to anabolic steroids use. He also suffered chronic pain and tested positive for pain medication, said the medical examiner’s office.

Authorities from the medical examiner’s office said Guerrero’s heart disease and enlarged organs can’t be directly linked. They conceded that the combination took an overall toll on his body. “He’s awfully young to have [heart disease], and as his wife and I conferred … his years of drug abuse didn’t help that,” said Kathryn Berg, a doctor with the medical examiner’s office. “His body had to work harder because it had bigger organs and bigger muscle mass.”

Again, we will miss you Eddie and my prayers and condolences go out to the Guerrero family.

Preliminary cause of death for Eddie Guerrero

Past drug use may have killed wrestler:

The cause of Eddie Guerrero’s death hasn’t been officially released as far as I know but his widow Vickie did issue a statement about it…

The widow of World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Eddie Guerrero told the organization Tuesday that preliminary tests show he died of heart failure.

“It was from his past — the drinking and the drug use,” Vickie Guerrero said on “They found signs of heart disease. [The medical examiner] said that the blood vessels were very worn and narrow, and that just showed all the abuse from the scheduling of work and his past.”

If I remember correctly Eddie is being buried today if he hasn’t been already in a private ceremony in Arizona.

If you go to they are selling Eddie Guerrero commemorative t-shirts for $20 with all proceeds going to the Guerrero family.

Vaya con Dios Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero found dead

WWE Wrestler found dead in Minneapolis:

World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis, the organization said Sunday.

Guerrero, 38, was found at the Marriott City Center in downtown Minneapolis. He was in town for Sunday night’s “WWE Supershow” TV taping at Target Center.

Police were called to the hotel just after 7:30 a.m. and attempts were made to revive the wrestler, Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson Ron Reier said.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner was at the hotel. Additional information on Guerrero’s death was not immediately available.

If you ever wanted to see Eddie wrestle at his best try to find tapes of the matches he had with Dean Malenko back in their ECW days.

Eddie had battled drug and alcohol addiction before in his life. In recent years he had “turned his life over to the Lord” as they say. I hope to God that his death wasn’t drug related.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Eddie Guerrero. He will be missed.

Redneck Monday

I just love theme days.

South Caldwell students can wear attire that includes rebel flag:

A local high school banned attire that contained the confederate flag. Well all the rednecks were so up in arms about it they repealed the ban. As usual the excuse they give is they want to celebrate their southern heritage. I saw this on a local news channel too. You should have seen the people who were wearing these t-shirts. Trailer park trash every last one of them. So not only is the confederate flag the flag of racists, rednecks, and losers, it’s now officially the flag of white trash everywhere. Wear it with pride. This is why people from every other part of the country think everyone from the south is a toothless illiterate bumpkin.


According to Stone Cold has been involved in another domestic dispute. This time by pushing down his current girlfriend injuring her hands and knees. You can also check it out at The Smoking Gun. The WWE should not put him on TV for a while. The first time this happened I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now it’s obvious he has a problem. So personally I think the WWE should fire his ass on the spot. I have no tolerance for women beaters. It just shows how much of white trash pussy he is. And go figure, his new t-shirt being sold by the WWE has a confederate flag on it. There’s another one to be proud of.

Brock Lesnar to the NFL?


You know I didn’t really intend to do wrestling every day. Especially since I missed the boat on the Rob Feinstein story. Anyway it seems that Brock Lesnar will not only be leaving the WWE after WrestleMania XX but he will be trying to start a career in the NFL. What’s even more amazing is that Brock is doing Sable. Way to go Brock. Anyway if this all turns out to be true it really should be no surprise. I mean look at the guy… also states that he received offers from the Bucs and the Redskins to try out after he won the NCAA Wrestling Championship. So the guy is a legit athlete. It’s too bad because I really liked him. Vince should put a stop to the ZZZ’s and ‘Taker’s of the WWE before more talent is lost and TNA becomes an equal. Granted that would be years down the line but it could happen.

More on Crash Holly

Salisbury wrestling school founder dies at age 32:

This is from a local paper from where Crash lived. His wife, from whom he was separated, asks that people do not focus on the way he died saying that some of the things on the net were not true. Instead she wants people to focus on his sense of humor. His wife also wants to start a college fund for Crash’s daughter from a previous relationship. How cool is she? The viewing was tonight right down the road and the funeral is tomorrow. As much as I’d like to go pay my respects I think it’s not a place for wrestling fans. I think the family needs to be right now. I’m going to see if I can find out where donations for Crash’s daughter can go to. If I find out I’ll let you know. Again my thoughts and prayers go out to the Lockwood family.

Crash Holly R.I.P.

Wrestler Crash Holly dies at 34:

Crash Holly, the wrestler who instituted the 24/7 rule for the WWF Hardcore title, was found dead yesterday. He was found at fellow wrestler Steven Richards’ house. The word is at this time that he choked on his own vomit after a heavy night of drinking. This sucks because Crash was kind of a local boy. He ran a wrestling school here in North Carolina and the last time I saw him with the WWE he was introduced to the ring as being from Salisbury, NC which is just up the road. It’s a shame that he took the Curt Hennig way out but he was someone’s son, brother, friend. His real name is Michael Lockwood. It seems I’m doing this too often lately but my prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Road Warrior Hawk Dies at 46

Road Warrior Hawk dies at age 46 at home in his sleep:

To me the Road Warriors were the greatest wrestling tag team of all times. They were the only tag team to hold the AWA, NWA, and WWF tag titles. Some of you may also know them as L.O.D. When I saw them on TV as a kid they were the coolest. They came down to the ring with their faces painted, with shoulder pads that had spikes all over them, and their entrance music was Black Sabbath’s Iron Man. Back then it didn’t get much cooler than that. The cause of death has not been determined at this time. I seriously hope it wasn’t anything related to drugs. You hate to see your heroes end up that way. First Stu Hart and now Hawk. I hope wrestling isn’t like Hollywood and we get a 3rd. Hawk’s real name was Mike Hegstrand. My prayers and condolences go out to the Hegstrand family and friends.