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Franklin Regional parent says ‘rat face’ caused school stabbing attack

Franklin Regional parent had bullying concerns before knife rampage:

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal

Misleading headline is misleading.

Let me give you the rundown of the article. A man whose daughter was allegedly bullied at Franklin Regional says he went to the school about his daughter and he claims they did nothing about it. That;s the bullying concern.

However the same man says he has a screen shot, I’m assuming from Facebook, where some student referred to Alex Hribal as a ‘rat face’. As I’ve said before if this what is considered as bullying these days we are raising yet another generation of emotional marshmallows. Even if Hribal is one of these selfish and egotistical teens that usually carry out these kinds of attacks I doubt very much that ‘rat face’ would set him off to the point where he stabbed 20+ people.

Let’s also not forget that both the police and Hribal’s own attorney has said that bullying is not the cause of the attacks. The media won’t let that get in the way of writing salacious click bait.

Franklin Regional stabbing attacks not about bullying say police

Bullying not believed to be part of Pennsylvania high school stabbing rampage, police say:

Alex Hribal's yearbook picture

Alex Hribal’s yearbook picture

Well what do you know, a news article that says bullying was not a motive in a violent school attack. Now some of you may dismiss this article because it’s from Fox News. Do you really think they’re making up this quote from Murrysville Police Chief Thomas Seefeld?

“I know the issue of bullying has been brought up but his attorney has even said … that bullying is not part of this and we have no evidence or reason to believe that it is.”

Police are also saying that Alex Hribal did not target anyone in his rampage at Franklin Regional Senior High School. Stabbing someone is a very personal and intimate act if those words can be used in this type of situation. If he didn’t have any specific targets in mind then this may be a legitimate case of mental illness. So far I haven’t read about any previous mental health issues on his part but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not there.

I know it’s cold comfort for his victims but thankfully no one died in the attack.

20+ victims injured in Western Pennsylvania school knife attack

24 injured in knife attack at Franklin Regional High School:

Police identify suspect in Franklin Regional stabbings; 22 stabbed, 2 others hurt:

Alex Hribal's yearbook picture

Alex Hribal’s yearbook picture

Earlier today 16-year-old Alex Hribal allegedly went on a stabbing spree with two 8-inch kitchen knives in Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Before it was all over 21 students and a security guard received injuries. Two of the students are in critical condition with one student receiving a stab wound that barely missed his heart.

No motive has been released so far but it didn’t take long for the bullying excuse to be trotted out.

Alex is “sort of nerdy, short,” the student said. “I would assume that he was bullied and there was a good amount of depression.” The student said he never saw the suspect being bullied.

If there was anymore jumping to conclusions in that quote the article could qualify for the olympics. If no one saw the kid being bullied just don’t assume it because he stabbed a bunch of people at school. But let’s not let speculation get in the way of any facts or anything.

Reports are emerging that Hribal is being charged as an adult.

This story reminds me a lot of the story of James Lewerke who in 2004 attacked several of his classmates at Valparaiso High School in Indiana with a machete and a tree saw. In that case injuries were minor and limited to five students. Lewereke was tried as an adult but was sentenced to be held until his 21st birthday. He is currently released.

In Lewerke’s case I do believe there were legitimate mental issues that caused him to go on his attack. If that is also the case in Hribal’s attack that remains to be seen. I’ll post more as details become available.

Thanks to Steve Huff for the tip.

Kenny Bartley wants his record cleared

Campbell Co. HS shooter wants chance to clear record:

Kenny Bartley in 2005

Kenny Bartley in 2005

I guess it just wasn’t enough for Kenny Bartley to be found not guilty in his retrial for Ken Bruce’s murder. Now he wants his record cleared entirely. Bartley shot and killed Principal Ken Bruce in Campbell County High In Kentucky back in 2005. He entered into a plea deal which saw him sentenced as an adult to 45 years. That plea was eventually thrown out and a new trial was ordered where Bartley was found not guilty this year.

You know what? Let’s just go ahead and clear Bartley’s record. I mean why should he be held responsible for anything? Let’s just go ahead and make Ken Bruce’s death even more pointless.

You can’t unring the bell though Kenny. As long as there is media and this website everyone will know what you have done and it will follow you for the rest of your life.

The hearing is scheduled for this coming Monday.

Pine Middle shooting survivor shares her story

Siobhan McAndrew: Life for one victim eight years after the Pine Middle School shooting:

James Scott Newman

James Scott Newman

In 2006 a then 14-year-old James Scott Newman took his parents’ .38 revolver to Pine Middle School in Reno, Nevada, where he opened fire striking two students. Luckily both students survived. Newman was tried as a juvenile and only received house arrest as a sentence. Also his parents were not charged for allowing their son access to the gun. The shooting was 8 years ago tomorrow and one of his victims recently told her story.

22-year-old Kenzie McKeon recently told her story to Siobhan McAndrew of the Reno Gazette-Journal. Mckeon says that she doesn’t let her life be ruled by the shooting and said that sometimes she doesn’t even remember that March 14th was the day it happened. She says that because of the shooting she’s getting ready to graduate from Appalachian State University in North Carolina with a degree in criminal justice. She also added that she was not happy about Newman’s sentence…

“It was the punishment that I don’t think was right because this is something I have to deal with the rest of my life,” McKeon said of Newman’s house arrest.

What really struck me as poignant is what Ms. McKeon said about what can be done about school shootings.

“We have to refocus efforts on the mental health of children,” she said.

My thoughts exactly however too many parents think taking their kids to get some kind of mental health is a stigma. Too many parents rely on pop culture pseudo science than actual medicine or they think they’re kids are just going through a phase. When I was a teen I tried killing myself on multiple occasions. That wasn’t just a phase.

Thank you Ms. McKeon for sharing your story with us and I wish you nothing but the best in your life.

Finally, a common sense idea on how to help protect schools from shootings

Teachers carrying ‘panic buttons’ in Ohio school:


In my opinion St. Albert the Great Elementary School in North Royalton, Ohio, is doing the smartest thing in 15 years to help prevent school shootings and it doesn’t involve arming teachers.

Teachers at the school now have panic buttons they can use in case of an emergency like an armed intruder on the school grounds. The device contacts not only the police but also school administrators and school security. It has a two button system to help try to prevent accidental notifications.

Why don’t all schools have something like this? How is this any different from having fire alarms in schools? Granted, there is a risk of abuse with these panic buttons but I really only foresee that as a one time case in any given school considering it will probably draw a SWAT team to the school.

This is a much better idea than arming teachers. The only teacher I would trust with a gun is if they were former military or law enforcement with specialized weapons training and even then I’d have reservations about a gun being that close to students. The panic button idea seems to provide a better sense of security and less of a chance of friendly fire.

Let’s hear it for common sense for once.

Kenny Bartley free after jury finds him not guilty of murder

Bartley released; found not guilty of first-degree murder:


Apparently the jury did buy Kenny Bartley’s line of crap at his trial because they found him not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2005 shooting death of Campbell County High assistant principal Ken Bruce. He was found guilty on the lesser charge of reckless homicide than was released on $7500 bond. I guess $7500 is how much Ken Bruce’s life was worth in the eyes of the court.

He was also found not guilty on charges of attempted first-degree murder for the shootings of Principal Gary Seale and Vice Principal Jim Pierce.

I thought that a new trial would have gotten him more time than his original 46 year plea. Obviously I thought wrong.

Cherish every day that you’re out Kenny for two reasons. The first is that Ken Bruce doesn’t have any of those days left because you were a selfish drug addict. The second reason is you’ll be back soon enough. Your type always is.

Kenny Bartley testifies at retrial. “I panicked while high on anti-anxiety meds”

Bartley describes what happened on day of school shooting:

Kenny Bartley in 2005

Kenny Bartley in 2005

Today Kenny Bartley testified in his own defense in his retrial for the school shooting death of Campbell County High assistant principal Ken Bruce in 2005. Bartley also shot and wounded Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce. Bartley was 14 at the time of the shooting and pleaded guilty and agreed to a plea that got him 45 years in prison. Last year a new trial was ordered.

In Bartley’s defense he claimed something that seemed contradictory to me. Please tell me if you agree or disagree. In his testimony Bartley claims that on the day of the shooting he snorted Valium and Xanax. Then when he was called into the office about possibly having a gun he said he panicked when he fired the gun. So which is it? Was he high on two different meds that are designed to prevent panic or did he panic because he was on Xanax like he claims? Seriously is it just me or should this testimony be considered insulting not only to the jury but to common sense? Yeah, I know. The two don’t always go hand in hand.

Closing arguments are tomorrow.

Russian Columnist: Don’t blame society for school shooting

Society Wrong to Blame Itself in School Shooting:

Russian Flag

Whenever there is a school shooting in America the pundits and talking heads are quick to point blame at just about anything. We’ve all seen it before. They blame video games, movies, music, The 2nd Amendment, etc. America is quickly becoming the land people who aren’t responsible for their own actions.

It seems with the shooting at School No. 263 in Moscow, Russia is ironically following in the footsteps of its former cold war enemy. Not necessarily blaming the same things but deflecting responsibility from the shooter nonetheless.

That’s why I posted the link above. It’s to an editorial from the Moscow Times by Yulia Latynina. In it she says who we really should blame for these kinds of shootings.

Amazingly, the authorities call for “ensuring” this and “checking” that. They, and those who hold that the boy was the victim of an oppressive education by his parents and that the gunshot was a “cry of desperation,” both subscribe to one terrible idea — that personal responsibility does not exist.

I urge you to read the entire article.

I find it funny that considering this is the first Russian school shooting and it didn’t take a Russian journalist to state the obvious truth while here in America too many media types will lay blame elsewhere and make martyrs out of cold-blooded killers.

Russia has its first school shooting at School No. 263


Two dead after gunman takes students hostage in Moscow school:

First-Ever School Shooting Prompts Debate on Security:

Today Russia had its first school shooting ever at School No. 263 in Moscow. Student Sergei Gordeyev, armed with his father’s legally owned rifles is said to have shot and killed geography teacher Andrei Kirillov and a police officer. Gordeyev also took about 20 students hostage before releasing them and finally being arrested by police. So far no motive has been given.

If you’re thinking to yourself this is not Russia’s first school shooting you’re probably thinking of the Beslan hostage crisis in 2004 where 396 people were killed by armed terrorists.

I’m actually shocked that this is Russia’s first school shooting. In Russia citizens are allowed to own guns as long as their registered. In a country that size how have they gone this long without a school shooting? While I’m not an authority on Russian culture one could assume that the students in Russia probably don’t have near the false sense of entitlement of their American counterparts and their parents probably aren’t as oblivious to their children’s actions.

Since Gordeyev is a minor he is only looking at 10 years but then again it is Russia.

More on this as details become available and my schedule allows.

UPDATE 4/10/2014: The Russian courts have ruled that Gordeyev will be held in custody until at least August for now. Currently he is undergoing a psych eval.