Possible motive given in Waseca plot


Sorry everyone. I know this story is a few weeks old. If you’re looking for up to the minute stuff I’m not your guy. Remember, I’m just one guy. No staff or underlings or anything like that.

Anyway, recently the statements made by 17-year-old John David LaDue to police about the alleged plot to attack Waseca High School have been made public. If you’ll recall LaDue was arrested back in April for allegedly plotting to kill his parents before heading to the school.

In his statements it appears that LaDue is blaming his actions on mental illness…

“I was not bullied at all. I don’t think I was ever bullied in my life. I have good parents, I live in a good town. I think I was just mentally ill and no one’s noticed and I’ve been trying to hide it,” he said.

Several times throughout his discussion with Schroeder, LaDue said he wanted an opportunity to speak with a mental health professional and find out “what was wrong with (him)”, telling the officer his life took a turn about the time he entered high school.

There was no incident to trigger the change, he said, just a distinct difference in his behavior.

LaDue said he then began having homicidal thoughts, something prosecutors reiterated in court last month after revealing he threatened to strangle a mental health professional while in custody.

Personally I don’t think LaDue is mentally ill as much as he is a sociopath…

But even though LaDue believed he was mentally ill, he was unwilling to ask for help, because that, he said, might change his plans.

He’s trying to use mental illness as a defense even though it’s obvious he knew the difference between right and wrong.

Also I take back calling LaDue a Columbine fanboy. It seems he sort of held other shooters in disdain, especially the one’s that took the coward’s way out.

“I didn’t want to be a wuss like all the other shooters like (Sandy Hook shooter) Adam Lanza who shot himself,” he said. “I wanted to get taken down by the SWAT and show I wasn’t a wimp and will fight with equal force. I wanted to get out of this place.”

I hate to break it to him but suicide by cop is still suicide especially after killing a bunch of people. That’s the ultimate coward’s act.

FBI shuts down major sex trafficking site. Is Backpage next?


This time the answer could be maybe.

The San Francisco office of the FBI recently announced that they had shut down ‘escort’ site MyReddbook and arrested its proprietor Eric Omuro. He’s been charged with facilitating prostitution and money laundering. The FBI has also taken possession of the website and visitors to the site are greeted with an FBI takedown page.

Now of course this raises the question will the feds go after Backpage next? Well, that depends. I get the impression that they were able to close down MyRedbook more due to the money laundering than the facilitation of prostitution. While MyRedbbok was a major player in online sex trafficking it pales in comparison to the scope of Backpage. MyRedbook is a mom and pop store compared to Backpage’s corporate command of the internet. Backpage’s owners, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, maybe morally bankrupt as human beings but I doubt they’re stupid enough to get involved in something small time like money laundering. However I really hope this arrest makes them more than a little nervous.

UPDATE 7/5/2014: Omuro has pleaded not guilty to the prostitution and money laundering charges.

Campbell County High shooter arrested again, and released again

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

113 days. That’s all it took for Kenny Bartley to be arrested after being released from prison for the 2005 Campbell County High shooting that left assistant principal Ken Bruce dead.

The now 22-year-old Bartley was recently arrested for allegedly making violent threats against his father over a set of car keys. When police arrived Bartley allegedly head butted one of the cops and had to be subdued/TASERed. Bartley was said to be under the influence. Gee, who thought a violent drugged out kid would be a violent drugged out adult, allegedly.

Bartley’s dad paid Bartley’s bond. So that means a killer walks the streets again. Bartley’s lawyer blames his client’s behavior on the ‘public scrutiny’ his client is under. I mean it’s not like he’s ever showed prior violent tendencies before. Oh wait.

Bartley is a ticking time bomb who should have never been let out of prison in the first place. It’s only a matter of time before he’s back in there for good again. I hope the members of the jury who saw to his release can live with that.

Thanks to Nathan for the assist.

Two more teens and a 40-year-old charged in connection with Waseca High School plot

Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs

Two unnamed 17-year-olds and a 40-year-old have been charged in connection with the alleged school shooting plot against Waseca High School in Minnesota.

Previously 17-year-old John David LaDue was charged as the lone conspirator in the plot. Recently two 17-year-old acquaintances of LaDue were arrested for allegedly purchasing the materials for and helping LaDue make homemade bombs. 40-year-old Michael Jacobs allegedly sold LaDue a .45 off the books. Police say that none of the three new suspects knew anything about LaDue’s intentions.

I can see a bunch of dumb ass teens making homemade explosives. A lot of us have stupidly done that in our youth. Although that does not make it right. However a 40-year-old man should know better than to sell a gun to a 17-year-old for any reason no matter what he was getting in return.

Damien Echols ironically says only the guilty want closure

Damien Echols can't see irony through his douche goggles

Damien Echols can’t see irony through his douche goggles

When I saw the headline “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case” I thought finally the press is giving time to someone who doesn’t believe the WM3 hype machine. That sentiment was dashed when I saw that the article was written by convicted triple child murderer Damien Echols himself.

In an editorial published by the Arkansas Times, Echols continually tries to hold on to his 15 minutes. Feel free to read the entire article but let’s take a look at some select quotes from Mikey.

(Scott)Ellington may be the only person on the planet who believes there is “closure” in my case.

First off do you notice that he said his case. I thought it was the case of the three murdered boys. At least he could have said our case referring to the other two convicted child killers but no. You can pretty much figure out Damien Echols in that one short sentence. It’s all about him.

It was easy for him to seek closure, of course; he was not sitting in solitary confinement on death row for a crime he did not commit. Thankfully, the Supreme Court did not listen and ruled unanimously to review our wrongful convictions.

Except they didn’t. They granted a hearing to see if the supposed DNA evidence was enough to grant a new trial, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story. Also how can he continue to call it a wrongful conviction when his defense team approached the DA’s office with the suggestion of the Alford plea?

No one wants closure more than me, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley and the families of the murdered children.

Except four of the six family members of the victims believe that Echols and company are guilty.

Now with the opening of “Devil’s Knot,” the latest film on this tragedy, some are once again calling for closure. After all, aren’t four documentaries, a feature film, books, numerous network television features, hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories, blogs, bloggers, websites and God knows how many tweets on the murders of the three boys, enough? I guess not.

None of those things are evidence let alone unbiased.

DA Scott Ellington should keep his promise to review new evidence given to him by my defense team in a meaningful manner, and he should avoid giving comfort to the real killer and discouraging new witnesses from coming forward by proclaiming that the case is “closed.”

What evidence is he speaking of? Not the outlandish pot smoking gay tryst scenario? That doesn’t even qualify as being a Weekly World News story let alone evidence.

Damien Echols was released from death row in Arkansas in August of 2011. He and his wife, Lorri Davis, live in New York City.

What happened to Salem? Did the locals get tired of having a child killer among them?

He’s right about one thing though. There will never be closure on this case as long as the killers walk free and as long as Echols keeps his name in the media. I’d settle for the closure of his lying mouth.

There was a crooked craigslist creeper

Jeff Beckman

Jeff Beckman

I can’t do every craigslist creeper story anymore because there are just too many of them. Every once in a while though, it only takes a mugshot to make me stop and post one of those stories. For example take 51-year-old Jeff Beckman of Rosholt, Wisconsin. Have you ever heard the expression ‘don’t get your nose bent out of shape’? It looks like he did.

Anyway, Beckman has recently pleaded not guilty to child solicitation and child porn charges. Police in nearby Marathon County say that Beckman allegedly responded to a craigslist ad they placed posing as someone peddling children. They say that Beckman was willing to pay $60 to have sex with three children, ages 12, 14, and 15. Police later found child porn while searching his home.

Yet as a society we’re still apathetic towards getting craigslist to monitor their own yard. I wonder if the ad the police placed was even flagged by anyone on their local craigslist. Somehow I doubt that it was.

Michael Jacques to serve time in sex offender friendly prison

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

There’s only been one winner in the case of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett and her killer and uncle Michael Jacques. It’s definitely not Brooke after being kidnapped, raped and killed by Jacques, a sex offender who was released early after completing a ‘program’. It’s not Jacques either as he’s going to do a life sentence in federal prison. No, the only winner here is Jacques’ anti-death penalty defense attorney David Ruhnke.

Runhke not only held up the trial for years with his anti-death penalty arguments but he got the federal prosecutors and Jacques to agree to a life sentence plea. Now he’s even topped himself by getting a federal judge to agree to send Jacques to a prison in Tucson, Arizona, that has a prison population of 65% sex offenders. Your tax dollars at work. The point being that in any other prison Jacques would be a target by other non-child rapist prisoners.

Once again the rights of the criminal have become more important than the rights of the victim, or justice for that matter.

We get letters: Please help a family in need

Jaime and her kids

Jaime and her kids

I received the following e-mail the other day from a reader in need of assistance…

Hi Trench,

I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for well over a year now, albeit a silent reader. I know you’re a busy guy, and this request is a little out of your norm, but I’m really hoping you can help. My family is facing a serious situation, due to the fact that I’ve been medically forced to stop working. My husband is a disabled Army vet,who cannot work, and due to the severity of my condition, I truly cannot work until I recover from a spinal surgery which will be taking place sometime in the next 6-8 weeks.

We are facing eviction and homelessness if we cannot find a way to earn extra income during this time. To that end, I’ve set up a donation page on GoFundMe, explaining things more in detail. I’m hoping you would be willing to post the link to the GoFundMe page on your blog.

Please help us. We’ve been reaching out on Twitter, Facebook, etc and we’re getting a little desperate. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, thank you for reading this.

-Jaime & Family

As most of my avid readers know I’ve been in similar situations so I can understand where Jaime and her family are coming from. Please donate whatever you can afford to Jaime’s family. I’ve posted the GoFundMe link below and on the donations page


Arrest made in year old Connecticut Craigslist Killing

Rashad Moon

Rashad Moon

I originally posted about the murder of Felix DeJesus here. The 39-year-old father of two was gunned down in 2013 while still in his car in Hartford, Connecticut. He was selling a tablet computer and went to meet the seller since the seller said they didn’t own a car. A year passed without an arrest being made although police had a person of interest.

That person of interest may now be a suspect as Hartford police have arrested 22-year-old Rashad Moon and charged him with DeJesus’ murder.

While a lot of transactions take place through craigslist with no incident in my opinion there’s enough that end in tragedy that cause me not to use Craigslist. To me it seems like a game of Russian Roulette anytime someone uses craigslist for no matter what purpose. Eventually someone is going to get the bullet.

UPDATE 6/30/2014: Hartford police have arrested a 2nd suspect in 20-year-old Marvin Mathis. It’s unclear at present what Mathis’ alleged role was in the murder of Felix DeJesus.

Marvin Mathis

Marvin Mathis

Philly area man charged with craigslist rape and human trafficking

Kevin Cornish

Kevin Cornish

If the alleged charged against Kevin Cornish are true the man is not only a dangerous predator but he’s a world-class scumbag too.

The 42-year-old man from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, has been not only charged in the alleged craigslist rape of an 18-year-old victim but he may be behind a massive human trafficking scheme as well.

Police say that Cornish posted an ad on craigslist advertising for a home health care aide job. Cornish is said to have rapes the victim at his home after a fake interview and telling her he had the job. He is also said to have made her fill out and sign an additional ‘application’ for her to work for him as a prostitute. In my opinion it sounds like he was trying to convince her that she was legally his property now. I have heard of this trick being used before by traffickers.

After the victim escaped and contacted police they found fifty more of these applications which means he could possibly have other rape victims as well.

When dealing with any ad on craigslist Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood said it best.

“There are a lot of sickos out there. You really have to be careful.”

My advice, don’t use craigslist at all for anything.