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California Kik Kreeper extorted pre-teens for pictures

Man uses threats to get young girls to send him nude pictures:

‘Sextortion’ suspect set for freedom:

Child porn, exploitation suspect ordered to home incarceration:


25-year-old Brian Caputo of Arvin, California is a Grade-A scumbag, allegedly. He’s accused of posing as a young girl on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and Kik as a young girl in order to gain the trust of other young girls on these platforms. He would use aliases like Giavanna Derann, Catness Love and Melissa Harpson to convince girls from ages eight to 13 to send him nude photos.

Let’s stop right there for a second. While I’m sure the parents of the victims are horrified over what has transpired no eight-year-old needs to be on any of these services. Not even under the supervision of a parent. Secondly is this a thing that teen or teen girls send naked pics to each other? It sure as hell wasn’t in my day by cracky.

Once Caputo would receive any of these pictures then he would blackmail his victims into sending him more pictures or he would make the pictures he already has public. He tried blackmailing a 12-year-old girl from El Paso, Texas, into sending him pics and if she didn’t he would release the pictures of her 11-year-old friend. Instead the girl went to her parents who in turn went to police.

Caputo is not only accused of possessing child porn but trading the pictures he received as well. When questioned by police Caputo tried claiming that whoever was doing it was stealing his wi-fi.

So you think a predatory scumbag like Caputo would be kept under the jail while awaiting trial. Nope. He’s currently under house arrest at his mommy’s house where his underage sister was forced to move out. Does anybody want to lay odds he gets in trouble again before going to trial?

This assclown intrigues me so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this story.

UPDATE 3/13/2014: The courts have come to their sense and have revoked Caputo’s house arrest. He’s now being held without bond.

Another Instagram creeper emerges

Sex assault linked to Instagram:

Eladio Ramirez

Eladio Ramirez

I remember a time not too long ago where people on the internet were wary about sharing their personal information with strangers. We even told our kids that the don’t talk to strangers rule even applies to the internet. Now in the days of Facebook and Instagram it seems we have abandoned those principles.

Police in Turlock, California, say that 22-year-old Eladio Ramirez of Modesto was able to use this abandoning to his advantage. Ramirez was charged with allegedly ‘having sex’ (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he met through photo sharing app Instagram. He allegedly started following the girl on Instagram while she was 13. The girl was able to sneak out of her house multiple times to meet Ramirez. How Ramirez got tripped up should be a lesson to anyone thinking about getting involved in something like this…

The situation came to light on the morning of Nov. 24 when an individual reported seeing a young girl on Lewis Street sitting alongside the road crying. The responding officer learned from the girl that she had left her home without anyone knowing and when she returned a light was on inside and she was afraid to go back inside, Lewis said.

Police believe that Ramirez may have more victims…

Investigators suspect Ramirez may have had similar encounters with other young girls and are asking them to contact Detective Jason Tosta at 209-668-5550 ext. 6624.

These days you probably have to worry more about what’s on your kids’ smartphone then what’s on their computer. If you’re not careful their phone could give predators access to your kids 24 hours a day especially when they’re not home.

L.A. County may have a serial craigslist rapist

Alhambra police arrest suspect after online meeting turns into alleged sexual assault:

Christian Aceves

Christian Aceves

Police in Alhambra, California, recently arrested 32-year-old Christian Aceves for the alleged rape of a woman that he met on craigslist. The article uses the term ‘sexual assault’ but since he’s being held on $4.3 million bail I’m going to assume it goes way beyond assault.

When she met Aceves, he pulled a sharp instrument and threatened her, Rodriguez said. He drove the woman to a secluded spot in Los Angeles where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Of course police believe he may have more victims…

Anyone with information was asked to contact Alhambra police Detective huezo at 626-570-5159.

Ladies, if you meet a man through craigslist he is more than likely only after one thing and may use any means to obtain it. Don’t place yourself in a position of peril like that. Be smarter than that. Nice guys don’t use craigslist.

Arrests made in recent L.A. craigslist killing

Roth and Thomas

Roth and Thomas

Arrests Made in “Craigslist Murder” of SoCal Father:

I originally posted about the craigslist murder of Rene Balbuena here. He was shot and killed on the streets of L.A. in front of his 15-year-old son. He was lured to his death by someone who was supposed to be selling him a cell phone.. Instead two people fired into Balbuena’s car, killing him and grazing his son.

The suspects were at large until late last week when 17-year-old Ryan Roth and 18-year-old Markell Thomas were arrested and charged with Balbuena’s murder. Police say that they both belong to a branch of the infamous Bloods gang and are allegedly connected with a series of craigslist armed robberies using the same M.O. Roth is being charged as an adult.

Here’s how police say it went down…

Thomas allegedly jumped in the backseat of Balbuena’s car and pointed a gun at the victim’s 15-year-old son, demanding property.

Balbuena stepped out the car and was shot multiple times in the torso, allegedly by Roth, who was waiting outside the car.

Such a pointless tragedy. Roth would not be eligible for the death penalty since he’s under 18.

LA craigslist killing snaps city’s streak of days without a murder

Father Killed in Front of His Son While Responding to Craigslist Ad:


Rene Balbuena and his 15-year-old son were sitting in his car on the streets of Los Angeles waiting for a craigslist seller who was going to sell them a cellphone. Instead two men came up to the car and started shooting killing Balbuena and grazing his son. As of this posting the suspects were still at large.

This murder snapped a 10 day streak of 10 murder free days in Los Angeles.

I’ll post more details as they come available and since this happened in a media-centric city like L.A. maybe this will shed some much-needed light on the inherent dangers of doing business on craigslist.

Serial MySpace rapist gets longer sentence

Jason Ara Erpinar

Jason Ara Erpinar

Man Gets 24 Years in Prison for Myspace Rapes:

The tale of Douchebag Ed Grimley, aka 24-year-old Jason Ara Erpinar of Yorba Linda, California, is a long and twisted one.

Back in 2009 a then 20-year-old Erpinar was arrested for raping three women, two of whom he met through MySpace. In 2011 he entered into a plea deal which only saw him get 15 years behind bars. At the time I called the sentence a joke. Since then Erpinar rejected the plea deal, went to trial in 2012 and was convicted.

Erpinar’s gamble didn’t pay off as he was sentenced to 24 years behind bras instead of the original 15. I still think it’s a little light since it’s now 8 years per rape but 24 years feels a little more substantial.

I hope he still has that haircut while in prison.

Gun crime bad. Sex trafficking of children? Not so much.

Darius Mark Anthony Griffin

Darius Mark Anthony Griffin

Craigslist robbery attempts, sex trafficking net man 15 years:

22-year-old Darius Mark Anthony Griffin of Desert Hot Springs, California was recently sentenced for two crimes that he pleaded guilty to. One of the crimes was armed robbery and the other was prostituting an underage girl on craigslist. For both crimes he got 15 years. How do you think that sentence is broken down?

…13 years on the robbery counts and two years in the sex trafficking case…

You want to know why?

Darius Mark Anthony Griffin, 22, pleaded guilty on Aug. 20 to a pair of felony attempted robbery counts and admitted a sentence-enhancing firearm use allegation for those crimes, along with one count of trafficking a person younger than 18.

So there are no sentence enhancers for selling a girl into sexual slavery?

We so have the wrong priorities in this country.

21-year-old Cali man charged with MeetMe rapes of children

Feds: Fair Oaks man posed as teen boy on Internet to prey on young girls:

Orest Shaynyuk

Orest Shaynyuk

Once again I have to take the media to task for using the phrase ‘had sex’ when it comes to children. Each US state has an age limit where someone can legally consent to sex. If they are below that age they are being raped. When did rape become such an ugly word to use on the news when that’s what the crime is.

Anyway, 21-year-old Orest Shaynyuk of Fair Oaks, California is charged with having sex (child rape) with two girls that he met through MeetMe. It’s not like Shaynyuk isn’t using the ‘she looked 18 defense’ either. Federal investigators say that Shaynyuk posed as a 16-year-old on MeetMe and raped two girls ages 12 and 15. The 12-year-old has even said that Shaynyuk was allegedly well aware of her age. The age of consent in California is 18. In both cases it is said that he also messaged his victims using smartphone apps.

If you don’t believe my prior warnings that your kids have no place being on MeetMe check this out…

MeetMe allows users as young as 13 to create an account. Parents on the website Common Sense Media gave MeetMe 2 out of 5 stars, calling it a “creepy social network that features racy photos and suggestive talk.”

Emphasis mine.

If you leave your children ignorant to the dangers of the internet someone will more than likely take advantage of that.

California man charged with being craigslist child pimp

Colton man arrested after allegedly pimping girl at Redlands motel:

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

31-year-old Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia of Colton, California was arrested in Redlands, California for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia met the girl online using the alias of Albert Mann. He allegedly took pictures of the girl while they were having sex (child rape, the CA age of consent is 18) and used the photos to advertise her on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia is said to have sent the victim into a Redlands motel and told her to wait for him. Instead an unidentified man went in and sexually assaulted her. I would imagine that he paid Mancia-Mejia. The girl reported it to police.

Again how’s that consenting adults thing working out for you? Still clinging desperately to that to justify being a ‘hobbyist’? In most cases the women are hardly consenting and in too many cases they’re hardly adults. By the way craigslist, I thought you got rid of this stuff on your website. Oh. that’s right. You don’t bother to check to see if that’s really true or not.

California craigslist creeper who wanted children’s underwear sentenced


Rancho Cordova Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Enticement, Child Porn Charges:

Rancho Cordova man sentenced to prison for child exploitation:

How sad is it that I thought this story was a repeat?

Anyway 25-year-old Brandon Marks of Rancho Cordova, California was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison on child solicitation and child porn charges. Last year Marks posted an ad on craigslist seeking children’s underwear. I’m going to assume that he didn’t want still in the shrink-wrapped package of 3.

Sacramento police responded to Marks ad posing as a 12-year-old girl. During that time Marks sent child porn to the ‘girl’ and police arranged a meeting between Marks and the girl. Marks was then arrested at the meeting at a Sacramento motel.

Marks will also have 40 years of supervised release once he’s released from prison which knowing California will be early.

Seriously craigslist, is this the kind of clientele you want to be known for? If the craigslist founders are so altruistic then why do they not want to protect their own users. Come on craigslist, take back your site from the predators and pedophiles.