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Franklin Regional parent says ‘rat face’ caused school stabbing attack

Franklin Regional parent had bullying concerns before knife rampage:

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal

Misleading headline is misleading.

Let me give you the rundown of the article. A man whose daughter was allegedly bullied at Franklin Regional says he went to the school about his daughter and he claims they did nothing about it. That;s the bullying concern.

However the same man says he has a screen shot, I’m assuming from Facebook, where some student referred to Alex Hribal as a ‘rat face’. As I’ve said before if this what is considered as bullying these days we are raising yet another generation of emotional marshmallows. Even if Hribal is one of these selfish and egotistical teens that usually carry out these kinds of attacks I doubt very much that ‘rat face’ would set him off to the point where he stabbed 20+ people.

Let’s also not forget that both the police and Hribal’s own attorney has said that bullying is not the cause of the attacks. The media won’t let that get in the way of writing salacious click bait.

Franklin Regional stabbing attacks not about bullying say police

Bullying not believed to be part of Pennsylvania high school stabbing rampage, police say:

Alex Hribal's yearbook picture

Alex Hribal’s yearbook picture

Well what do you know, a news article that says bullying was not a motive in a violent school attack. Now some of you may dismiss this article because it’s from Fox News. Do you really think they’re making up this quote from Murrysville Police Chief Thomas Seefeld?

“I know the issue of bullying has been brought up but his attorney has even said … that bullying is not part of this and we have no evidence or reason to believe that it is.”

Police are also saying that Alex Hribal did not target anyone in his rampage at Franklin Regional Senior High School. Stabbing someone is a very personal and intimate act if those words can be used in this type of situation. If he didn’t have any specific targets in mind then this may be a legitimate case of mental illness. So far I haven’t read about any previous mental health issues on his part but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not there.

I know it’s cold comfort for his victims but thankfully no one died in the attack.

20+ victims injured in Western Pennsylvania school knife attack

24 injured in knife attack at Franklin Regional High School:

Police identify suspect in Franklin Regional stabbings; 22 stabbed, 2 others hurt:

Alex Hribal's yearbook picture

Alex Hribal’s yearbook picture

Earlier today 16-year-old Alex Hribal allegedly went on a stabbing spree with two 8-inch kitchen knives in Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Before it was all over 21 students and a security guard received injuries. Two of the students are in critical condition with one student receiving a stab wound that barely missed his heart.

No motive has been released so far but it didn’t take long for the bullying excuse to be trotted out.

Alex is “sort of nerdy, short,” the student said. “I would assume that he was bullied and there was a good amount of depression.” The student said he never saw the suspect being bullied.

If there was anymore jumping to conclusions in that quote the article could qualify for the olympics. If no one saw the kid being bullied just don’t assume it because he stabbed a bunch of people at school. But let’s not let speculation get in the way of any facts or anything.

Reports are emerging that Hribal is being charged as an adult.

This story reminds me a lot of the story of James Lewerke who in 2004 attacked several of his classmates at Valparaiso High School in Indiana with a machete and a tree saw. In that case injuries were minor and limited to five students. Lewereke was tried as an adult but was sentenced to be held until his 21st birthday. He is currently released.

In Lewerke’s case I do believe there were legitimate mental issues that caused him to go on his attack. If that is also the case in Hribal’s attack that remains to be seen. I’ll post more as details become available.

Thanks to Steve Huff for the tip.

Teen who bludgeoned parents then held Facebook party pleads no contest

Tyler Hadley: ‘Hammer Time’ killer pleads no contest, avoids trial:

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

In 2011 a then 17-year-old Tyler Hadley bludgeoned his parents, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, Blake Hadley, 54, to death with a hammer in their Port St. Lucie, Florida, home. Right after their murders Hadley went to Facebook and invited all his friends over for a party. The party took place while his parents battered bodies were still in their bedroom. Hadley even showed the bodies to one of his friends.

This past week Hadley pleaded no contest to first degree murder charges. I’m not that big a fan of the no contest plea. It means that the defendant does not admit any guilt but admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict them. Just another way for scumbags like Hadley to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions. The only good thing about it is that they’re sentenced like they had pleaded guilty.

Sentencing will begin in March. Hadley was charged as an adult and could receive life without parole. I wish this little twerp could face the death penalty since it’s been reported that he’s become somewhat of a prison celebrity. Hadley will probably be one of those jackasses who thrives in prison.

Accused killer of Danvers High teacher gets additional rape charge

Chism Indicted on Additional Count of Rape in Ritzer Murder:

Philip Chism

Philip Chism

Previously 14-year-old Philip Chism was charged with the rape and murder of his teacher, 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer of Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts. At that time the rape charge stemmed from accusations that Chism raped her with a tree branch. Now investigators are saying that Chism also raped her in the ‘traditional’ sense.

Chism has been charged as an adult in the murder but as a youthful offender in the rapes. Why? Is raping a woman once then again with a tree branch any less heinous than slashing her throat and leaving her to die? If you’re going to charge him as an adult, as he should be, try him as an adult for all his charges and not some half-assed blended charges.

UPDATE 1/30/2014: Chism has pleaded not guilty to the latest rape charge.

Philly charter school shooter feared assault police say

Teenage boy who shot 2 classmates in Philadelphia school bought gun only moments before from a former student because ‘he was going to be assaulted’:


I hate using the Daily Mail as a source. 99% of the time they’re a fear mongering and pearl twisting tabloid. But in that 1% when they actually decide to practice journalism they’re really good at it.

Anyway Philadelphia police are saying that the gunman at the Delaware Valley Charter High School shooting, 17-year-old Raisheem Rochwell, allegedly purchased the gun moments before the shooting took place. Police are also saying that Rochwell bought the gun because he feared he was going to be the victim of an after school assault. Except it was shortly after the gun traded hands when a shot was fired striking two other students. It’s not known if either of the two victims were his intended targets or if the gun went off accidentally.

Rochwell’s attorney is still proclaiming his client’s innocence…

Rochwell ‘is not the person who will ultimately be responsible for this act,’ said lawyer Amato Sanita, who added that anything that may have happened was not ‘intentional’.

It sounds like they’re going for the accidental discharge defense.

The man accused of selling Rochwell the gun, 18-year-old Donte Walker, has also been arrested. Walker is a former student of the school.

Shooting at Philly charter school

Suspect in Philly School Shooting Charged as Adult:


Police say that 17-year-old Raisheem Rochwell allegedly shot two students in the gym at Delaware Valley Charter High School in Philadelphia on Friday. Reports indicate that the shot went through the arm of an 18-year-old female student and struck a 17-year-old male student in the shoulder. The male victim was released from the hospital today.

There is some indication that the shooting might have been accidental however, Rochwell has been charged as an adult and was placed on $500,000 bail. Police originally suspected two other teens but those teens have been questioned and released. Rochwell’s attorney says that his client is innocent of course…

“We can come forward with the judge, explain the extreme circumstances of this case, which the arraignment court judge actually had some note of, that clearly the matter wasn’t malicious,” Sanita said. “The only dispute here is gonna be who did it and how did it happen. It’s our position that it certainly had no connection to the young man that they now have in custody.”

Sanita also added that Rochwell “is not the person who will ultimately be responsible for this act.”

Sanita also suggested that the shooting was an accident.

“Anything you’re hearing out there, this is nothing that involves anything intentional,” he said. “We can make those comments right now, and that’s it.”

He might have a case since police considered other suspects prior to Rochwell not to mention as far as I know the gun has not been recovered. However with Rochwell being charged as an adult with such high bail I wonder if they know more than they’re letting on. Time will tell.

Mass. rules LWOP for teens unconstitutional

Mass. SJC bars no-parole life terms for youths:


Right before the holidays the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that life without parole for minors is unconstitutional. Not just mandatory LWOP but LWOP in general. Once again the argument of a teen’s brain not being fully developed was used as the reasoning behind the decision.

“Simply put, because the brain of a juvenile is not fully developed, either structurally or functionally, by the age of eighteen, a judge cannot find with confidence that a particular offender, at that point in time, is irretrievably depraved,” the court wrote. “Therefore, it follows that the judge cannot ascertain, with any reasonable degree of certainty, whether imposition of this most severe punishment is warranted.”

So what does this mean? It means a cold-blooded killer like John Odgren could one day be free. If you’ll recall Odgren was sentenced to life without parole after stabbing James Alenson to death at the age of 16 in a bathroom at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Odgren had an unhealthy obsession with knives and crime scene forensics and often bragged to classmates that he could commit the perfect crime. He was recorded in prison conversations with his parents admitting that it should only be manslaughter since he didn’t know his victim.

Then there’s 14-year-old Philip Chism of Danvers High School who is accused of not only slitting the throat of his teacher, Colleen Ritzer, but also allegedly raping her with a tree branch.

Of course the brains of teenagers are not fully developed. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know the difference between life and death. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know that murder is wrong. If the brains of teens are so undeveloped that this isn’t common knowledge then they shouldn’t be allowed on the streets. The reality is that these teens have an overinflated sense of self-worth and feel that the world owes them something and with this ruling the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court just enforces that misguided notion.

Before I die I’m afraid we’ll see a society where no one is held responsible for their actions anymore.

Danvers High teacher was not only murdered but was brutally raped with a tree branch

Danvers, Mass., 14-year-old accused of raping — and murdering — high school teacher Colleen Ritzer:

Philip Chism

Philip Chism

One of the stories I’ve been woefully behind on is the murder of 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer, a teacher at Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts. If being murdered by one of your 14-year-old students and having your body dumped in the woods naked from the waist down wasn’t bad enough now it’s been revealed that Philip Chism not only allegedly killed her by slashing her throat with a box cutter but he supposedly robbed and raped her as well.

Chism’s grand jury indictment revealed that he is believed to have robbed Ms. Ritzer of credit cards, her iPhone and her underwear. Chism is believed to have violated her with an object. The object in question is said to have been a tree branch. He is also said to have left a note by her body that said “I hate you all” which still remains unexplained.

Some seem to think that it was Ms. Ritzer’s mentioning the state of Tennessee to Chism, which made him visibly upset, as possibly the motive in her murder. Chism has moved to Mass. from Tennessee while his parents were going through a divorce.

Chism is facing the murder charge as an adult but the rape and robbery charges as a juvenile. More than likely those charges will be upgraded to adult status as well.

Chism has pleaded not guilty. I haven’t heard of what the defense will be but I would bet it will be the old standard of “He’s not an adult and doesn’t have a fully functioning brain” bullcrap. I don’t believe the brains of 14-year-olds are that easily pushed towards violence. If they were we would be seeing a lot more crimes like this than we do.

As it should be Chism is being held without bail.

Murder of Danvers High teacher was planned

Teen stayed after final bell with Danvers High School teacher before killing her, buying Wendy’s meal with her credit card:

EXCLUSIVE: Student,14, PLANNED to ‘slash teacher to death’ but refuses to say why, police reveal:

Philip Chism

Philip Chism

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now another teacher lost their life this past week at the hands of student. 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer of Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts, was murdered allegedly by 14-year-old student Philip Chism. Ritzer had asked Chism to stay after school in order to prepare for a test. Chism is believed to have followed her into a bathroom where he struck her then slut her throat with a boxcutter. He then put her in a recycling bin and wheeled her out to the woods behind the school where he left her body partially covered in leaves.

What you may not know is that it appears that this wasn’t a crime of opportunity but premeditated murder. Chism had not only packed the boxcutter and also white gloves that day but also packed a change of clothes supposedly so he wouldn’t be caught wearing bloody clothes.

So far Chism is said to be cooperating with police but won’t tell them why he killed her. The Daily Mail is going with a theory that Chism had made romantic advances towards his victim which they say were spurned. Take that with a grain of salt because the Daily Mail is either spot on or dead wrong. They usually don’t have a much of an in-between.

In case there are other high school Romeos out there who do think they can score with their teacher stop right now. All those stories about hot female teachers who molest their students are the exception and not the rule. In reality you’re just some high school kid who has nothing to offer a woman with a career. Not only that it’s illegal.

Chism has been charged as an adult.