News of Doom: Mass. man exposes 13-year-old girl to HIV

Police: Fitchburg man with HIV put partners at risk:

19-year-old Nicholas D. Guzman of Fitchburg, Mass. is accused of knowingly exposing multiple partners to HIV. One of those ‘partners’ was a 13-year-old girl. At least one of the victims has contracted the disease.

Guzman allegedly not only would not use a condom but to at least one victim he showed falsified medical records.

He’s been released on bail and has to wear an ankle monitor, have no contact with children and must stay off social networking site. Let me repeat that. A guy who has given at least one person an unwarranted possible death sentence has been let out on bail. There’s a really bad reason why.

In Massachusetts it’s not against the law to knowingly transmit HIV. It can be used as an enhancement to sentences for other crimes but not illegal in itself. Personally I think the guy should be strapped to the nose of a North Korean rocket. That would guarantee he would be exploded into meaty chunks over the Sea of Japan.

Parents, I recommend that you show this story to your kids. I’m sure Guzman’s 13-year-old victim thought that nothing would happen if no protection was used. You may want to also remind them that no form of protection is 100% effective either.

Nod of Doom to Lori.