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Suspect killed during craigslist robbery

Man fatally shoots Craigslist seller-turned-robber, police say:

Man Charged With Murder In Craigslist Robbery Gone Wrong:

Duwayne Lewis

Duwayne Lewis

Police in Coral Springs, Florida, say that 26-year-old Jason Mageau and 18-year-old Duwayne Lewis allegedly tried robbing a man after they posted a craigslist ad promising a good deal on a cell phone. After the victim showed up to make the deal Mageau allegedly produced a gun and pistol whipped the victim. The victim went back to his car where he got his gun and shot Mageau in the chest. Mageau later died at the hospital.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘never bring a knife to a gun fight’? I guess you can also say never bring a starter’s pistol to a gun fight because that’s what Mageau’s gun was. The victim on the other hand had a real gun with real bullets.

Lewis is said to have tried to tell police that he and Mageau were victims of the robbery but police say that the evidence provided by the victim shows otherwise. Lewis has been charged with murder in Mageau’s death as Florida law states a person who assists in a crime that leads to a death may be charged in that death.

So no matter what side of the craigslist robbery you’re on just by using craigslist you’re taking your life in your hands. Even the criminals are safer not using it.

Female pimp busted in Daytona Backpage sting

Daytona woman charged with human sex trafficking:

Lashonda Riley

Lashonda Riley

Police in Daytona Beach, Florida, recently arrested 23-year-old Lashonda Riley for allegedly turning out a 17-year-old girl on Backpage. Hey Backpage, how are those safeguards working? Doesn’t seem to be working too well if you ask me.

Riley is also accused of beating the teen if she thought the girl was holding back any money. As I’ve said before female pimps should never be referred to as ‘Madams’ because there’s nothing ladylike about them.

Also once again here we have a case where the prostitute was neither consenting nor an adult. That myth should be long-buried by now.

AL man charged with running sex tourism trade on craigslist

Man arrested in connection with sex tourism business:

Patrick Minga

Patrick Minga

Just when you think the sex crimes on craigslist couldn’t get any more depraved a story like this comes along.

50-year-old Patrick Minga of Huntsville, Alabama, was recently arrested for allegedly running a sex tourism business that advertised on craigslist. In case you’re unfamiliar with what sex tourism is it’s when a travel organization arranges trips to places like Thailand in order for their customers to have sex with underage children. In this case investigators say that Minga was allegedly arranging trips to Ecuador and Colombia for customers to have sex with girls that were 13 and under. I would love to know how the ad was worded.

Minga was being investigated by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida since that’s where they say the trips were originating from. He’s looking at 30 years for attempted sex trafficking.

Isn’t it funny how craigslist’s vaunted community policing didn’t catch this ad but the real police did? I guess it’s probably because craigslist’s community police were too busy responding to the ad.

Craigslist, it’s past time that you started monitoring your own site. Clean up your yard.

Florida man charged in MeetMe rape of teen

Naples man accused of raping teen after online meeting:

Senat Chounem

Senat Chounem

25-year-old Senat Chounem of Naples, Florida, has been charged with the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl that he met on MeetMe. For those of you who may not know, MeetMe is a social networking site in the vein of MySpace. It’s used by a lot of people who are just looking to hook up. Also this isn’t a case of “she said she was 18″ either.

Police say that after meeting the girl on MeetMe they continued to communicate on the messaging app Kik. More on that later. Chounem and a friend picked up the girl at her house and took her to a party where the pair are said to have raped the girl. Police were able to arrest Chounem at home, where he lived with his mommy, after posing as another underage girl.

Now the article I linked to seemed to focus more on the Kik segment of the article rather than the MeetMe aspect. While Kik is something to be concerned about the controversy in this story is overblown. On MeetMe anyone can message you or see your profile. On Kik your username has to be given out to anyone you want to message you. It can’t just be discovered on Kik itself.

Either way parents should be aware of both of these things. MeetMe is a website and Kik is a smart phone app. Check your kids computers and phones to see if they use of either of these and check to see who their friends are. Kids tend to me more willing to give out their Kik username since it’s not their phone number but that can still lead to danger.

Police say that Florida craigslist creeper wanted to have sex with special needs kids

PD: Man attempts to meet 3 y/o & special needs child for sex:

Man arrested after planning to have sex with boy, 3, police say:

Paul Andrew Vangelder

Paul Andrew Vangelder

It seems like 47-year-old Paul Andrew Vangelder of Port Charlotte, Florida, was feeling a little lonesome on Valentine’s day so he did what any perv would do, he looked for companionship on craigslist. And to what should his wandering eyes doth appear but an ad for parents who were willing to turn out their kids. Not just any kids though but two special needs children, one a 3-year-old boy and the other a 9-year-old girl. Vangelder was said to have described what he wanted to do to the children in great detail to the parents and then set off to North Port, Florida, to meet them.

Wen Vangelder arrived at the home he was greeted by the officers of the North Port police. This was all a sting to catch craigslist creepers. You know, for the grant money and not to put actual criminals in jail or anything, as some would have you believe. Except that this was allegedly found on him…

Officers found a bi-pod camera stand and a digital camera with an SD memory card inside of it in Vangelder’s silver Nissan truck.

While searching the SD card, officers found a pornographic video of four young boys committing sexual acts on each other.

So it sounds like this may not be his first rodeo but I’m sure we’ll hear about he was an innocent man entrapped by the greedy police.

Look, this is a real thing. There are actually parents out there who will turn their kids out on craigslist. This is no urban legend. In my opinion any use of craigslist, since they can’t be bothered to monitor their own site, is helping support the continued violation of children by the craigslist creepers.

Craigslist nanny accused of child rape, sadly this not a repeat

UPDATE: Nanny recorded himself raping child, deputies say:

Daniel Vincent Colarusso

Daniel Vincent Colarusso

28-year-old Daniel Vincent Colarusso is accused of allegedly raping a 4-year-old girl from Pasco County, Florida. He advertised his services as a nanny on craigslist and a Pasco County woman responded leaving her 4-year-old daughter in his care while she worked. Instead of caring for the girl police say that Colarusso repeatedly raped the girl.

Police say that he also recorded himself raping the girl on his phone. His former landlady is said to have found the SD card where the images were contained.

I realize how hard it can be for single parents to find child care however I implore you to stop looking on craigslist for it. With the low threshold of entry and the perceived notion of anonymity on craigslist it’s just crawling with predators in all sections.

If you won’t listen to me will you listen to the police?

“Finding a babysitter on Craigslist is a bad idea,” Sheriff Nocco said.


Teen who bludgeoned parents then held Facebook party pleads no contest

Tyler Hadley: ‘Hammer Time’ killer pleads no contest, avoids trial:

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

In 2011 a then 17-year-old Tyler Hadley bludgeoned his parents, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, Blake Hadley, 54, to death with a hammer in their Port St. Lucie, Florida, home. Right after their murders Hadley went to Facebook and invited all his friends over for a party. The party took place while his parents battered bodies were still in their bedroom. Hadley even showed the bodies to one of his friends.

This past week Hadley pleaded no contest to first degree murder charges. I’m not that big a fan of the no contest plea. It means that the defendant does not admit any guilt but admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict them. Just another way for scumbags like Hadley to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions. The only good thing about it is that they’re sentenced like they had pleaded guilty.

Sentencing will begin in March. Hadley was charged as an adult and could receive life without parole. I wish this little twerp could face the death penalty since it’s been reported that he’s become somewhat of a prison celebrity. Hadley will probably be one of those jackasses who thrives in prison.

Man who rented out room charged with sex trafficking

Room rental leads to human trafficking charges:


In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police arrested 33-year-old Garrett W. Frazier. Frazier is accused of placing an ad on Backpage for a room he was renting out. Police say the problem is he was renting it out to underage prostitutes and taking a cut of the money they made. Luckily the prostitutes and customers were actually Fort Lauderdale police. Now before everyone goes around crying entrapment I would imagine that there was something in Frazier’s Backpage ad that made it enticing for pimps and prostitutes.

One of the charges levied against Frazier is living off the earnings of a prostitute which makes me wonder. If individuals can be charged for making money from prostitution shouldn’t Backpage be charged as well? The ads they carry are not free and it’s obvious to even the simplest of minds that they’re for prostitution so why isn’t Backpage being charged.

Of course the answer to the is The Communications Decency Act of 1996 which absolves Backpage of the responsibility of what their users do no matter how illegal. As I’ve said previously I doubt in 1996 that Congress ever imagined that websites would be using this act to protect and profit from the sex trafficking of women and children. 18 years is ancient in internet terms and this law has become archaic. It’s past time that the government got together and passed a new law where sites like Backpage couldn’t profit from prostitution.

It’s not a free speech issue it’s a free people issue.

Florida craigslist creeper had plenty of opportunities to walk away

" Just walk away and we'll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror."

” Just walk away and we’ll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.”

Vero Beach mechanic gets prison time for soliciting sex online:

I’m really not intentionally trying to pick on the Florida creepers but that’s who keeps coming up in my e-mail from the Google News alerts.

Anyway, 48-year-old Jerry Norman of Port St. Lucie, Florida was recently sentenced for soliciting a 14-year-old girl for sex through craigslist. Since it’s Florida and this website you know by now that the 14-year-old girl was an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office detective. But hark, is that the cries of entrapment I hear?

Defense attorney Brian H. Mallonee told the judge that while seeking sex on line, “Mr. Norman was not seeking sex with someone under 18.

“It’s the police that initiated the idea of sex with someone who was 14,” Mallonee argued.“

Yeah, about that…

Jerry Norman of Port St. Lucie invited the victim to meet him at a McDonald’s.

Norman asked the detective online, “Do your parents have access to your computer?”

Detective Jeremy Shepherd testified Norman drove to the meeting at McDonald’s in a car a customer had taken to the dealership for an oil change.

Shepherd said Norman did not see a girl at the restaurant and left, but quickly returned when the victim sent a text message explaining she had been in the ladies room.

While he may not have been seeking sex with a minor he sure wasn’t turning it away. Norman’s attorney said that this was a ‘single moment of stupidity’. I disagree, I see several moments of stupidity here. The judge was astute enough to point this out…

“You had so many opportunities to walk away from this,” Circuit Judge Robert L. Pegg told Norman before sentencing. “You could have said, ‘Oh, thank God she wasn’t there.’ But you didn’t do that.”

The sad part is Norman was only sentenced to a year and seven months and being placed on the sex offenders registry which by now you should know does not discourage re-offending. Norman’s attorney argued what good does it do to send his client to prison. Well, it keeps him away from any actual minor girls he may come in contact with.

Florida gets a sometimes deserved reputation for being a sub-par state for all the wacky shit that happens there. While that may be true I’ll give them a lot of credit for sending a lot of bad guys to jail even if it’s for too short periods of time.

Oh and about the alleged entrapment, Norman’s lawyer had this to say…

“Could we have taken an entrapment case before a jury?

“Probably not,” Mallonee continued, conceding the difficulty of winning such a case.

Or the fact that he probably knows he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in court.

We get letters: Let’s catch the ‘real’ predators

The discussion about Florida child predator stings continues. For those of you who haven’t been following there seems to be a small but vocal minority of people in Florida who believe the craigslist and social networking stings that many Florida law enforcement agencies employ are nothing more than entrapment and money grabs for federal grants. I received an e-mail from one of those people. Since he sent me the e-mail with no snark or attitude I will reply to him in kind.

First the e-mail…

trench, if these stings were about trying to catch real predators, it would be one thing, but when it becomes more about the number of arrests they need to make to continue to let the money flowing then it is fraud. Catch the predators, hell yea, society will not tolerate those who prey upon children, but during these stings they need to ensure that they are catching the right people! They are not and that is the problem and the information we have proves this. I would like to work with you on things if you’d give it a shot. I think you have a lot of information that is useful. Let’s catch the real bad guys. Give it a chance!

I can appreciate someone who is willing to discuss any topic in a calm and rational matter. However the e-mail, in my opinion, omits one glaring detail.

For the sake of argument let’s say that police posing as minors on craigslist did initiate conversations of a sexual nature with potential suspects on craigslist, or whatever website. While that possibly can be construed as entrapment the alleged perpetrators are still going to the meeting places with the intent of having sex with minors. Police are not ripping these guys out of their homes and none of them are going to the meeting place to rescue, lecture, or hang out with their potential victims.

While they may have legal recourse in regards to entrapment in my opinion they are morally still predators.