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More on Brooke Bennett

In court papers, Jacques accused of falsifying Web posts:

Yesterday when I posted about the discovery of Brooke Bennett’s body I wasn’t sure if her body was found on her uncle’s property or not. It turns out a fresh grave was discovered on a rural road just off of Michael Jacques’ property.

Now here’s the reason I didn’t want to post Brooke Bennet’s MySpace, it was in fact a fake. Police say that Jacques is the one who changed Brooke’s account to make reference to how she was supposedly leaving Vermont for Texas to meet someone. Jacques even told police about the MySpace in an attempt to throw them off the track.

By the time I post this (as I am writing it Thursday morning) Jacques may have already been charged with federal kidnapping. If also charged with federal murder Jacques could be looking at the death penalty. The feds may have jurisdiction since I believe tampering with someone’s MySpace like that on order to hide a crime may be a federal offense.

Now on to Brooke’s former stepfather Ray Gagnon. He’s been arrested for destroying evidence. That evidence turned out to be a laptop filled with child porn. Gagnon called his landlord back in Texas and asked him to destroy the computer. Gagnon also had a hand in altering Brooke’s MySpace after speaking with Jacques. Gagnon is also looking at federal charges but as of now those charges aren’t clear but I would assume they would also be for tampering with Brooke’s MySpace.