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Maryland mall shooter was a mutant

Police: Md. mall shooter fascinated by Columbine:

Mall Shooter Modeled Shooting After Columbine:

Darion Aguilar

Darion Aguilar

I don’t blog about every mass shooting in the U.S. Sadly in our society today if I did that I’d have little time for anything else. So please forgive me for not previously blogging about The Mall In Columbia shooting back in January when it happened in Maryland.

In January 19-year-old Darion Aguilar stormed the mall armed with a shotgun. He shot and killed 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo and 25-year-old Tyler Johnson who were employees of the store Aguilar first entered. Then Aguilar turned the gun on himself and took the coward’s way out. Aguilar had no connection to his victims.

Recently it was made public by investigators that Aguilar had a ‘fascination’ with Columbine, obsession would be a better word. Police say that he had the prerequisite Tumblr account with pictured of mass shootings and that he had downloaded a video game based on Columbine. Gee, I wonder what game that could have been. Police also add that prior to the shooting Aguilar took a selfie where he was dressed like one of the Columbine cowards and posted it to Tumblr right before the shootings took place. They also say that Aguilar waited so that the time of his shooting coincided with the same time that the Columbine shooting started. I think it’s safe to say that this coward was just another mutant. Mutant is the term I use for people who emulate, worship, or have sympathies for school shooters, specifically the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold.

In his private journals Aguilar talked about being mentally ill and hearing non-violent voices. He went to a doctor who referred him to a psychiatrist but Aguilar never saw one. Apparently he was not comfortable talking to his mom about it. So rather than being a man and going to get help on your own or being man enough to talk to your mom about it you just go ahead and kill two random strangers in tribute to your cowardly heroes.

There’s no shame in seeking help but there’s plenty in cowardly violence.

Sandy Hook report released

Newtown gunman Adam Lanza had ‘obsession’ with Columbine:

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Another story that I’ve been woefully behind on is that of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year. Back in late November the state of Connecticut released their final report. You can read a PDF of the report here.

What a lot of media outlets have been focusing on is that Adam Lanza was obsessed with Columbine. I was about to dismiss this as media hyperbole again especially considering that Lanza had a not only a spreadsheet that detailed numerous mass murders but he also had newspaper clippings and documentation on the shootings at NIU and Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. That was until I read the report.

On page 27 of the report it states that among the evidence that was seized from Lanza’s room were ‘large amount of materials relating to Columbine shootings.’ So Lanza was just another copycat mutant, an anti-social loser with no originality. And just like his coward heroes the only way he could make himself feel relevant was through the barrel of a gun. Also just like his coward heroes he took the coward’s way out making the flames of hell burn just a little more yellow.

Also listed in the evidence seized were ‘materials regarding the topic of pedophilia and advocating for rights for pedophiles.’ So not only was he a mutant but he was pedo-defending scum too.

Lessons in journalism and The Myth courtesy of the Daily Mail

Actual Daily Mail headline

Actual Daily Mail headline

Bullied schoolboy, 16, ‘plotted British Columbine-style massacre targeting schools, mosques, cinemas and 19 teachers and pupils’:

There’s a trial going on over in England right now where a teenager is accused of not only plotting to attack his school but also theaters and mosques.

While reporting on this the Daily Mail calls the suspect a bullied school boy in the above headline then goes on to describe him not only as a self-avowed neo-nazi but also as a racist, a fan of the English Defence League, and a mutant. Well they didn’t use the M word per se but did add that he was a fan of Columbine.

Yeah, if you’re going to be a neo-nazi racist you’re probably going to draw some negative attention to yourself so if this kid was bullied he more than likely brought it upon himself.

When large publications use the word bullied in a headline like this it’s not only a pathetic grab for attention but it perpetuates the myth about school shooters being bullied when the majority of them were not.

UPDATE 11/3/2013: While I expect this kind of thing from the Daily Mail it seems the much vaunted BBC has gotten into the act as well. Here’s the headline they went with recently.


That headline is supposed to catch your eye and I would assume most people would take the headline at face value without further reading the article where they would find this quote.

The defendant told the Old Bailey he had been called a Nazi, a fascist and a racist, at school.

That’s because he is all of those things. If you publicly embrace these kind of ideas you’re inviting abuse on yourself and you don’t deserve any sympathy.

UPDATE 12/8/2013: Back in November the jury deadlocked and a retrial has been ordered.

We get letters: Why do you mock the dead?


I received the following from my ask.fm account

I know I might sound like a “mutant”, but I personally don’t feel like disrespecting dead people (even if they are bad) very kind. Why do you spend so much time mocking someone that’s already dead and defenseless?

My response

It’s not just the dead ones, I mock and disrespect the school shooters that lived too. And the reason I do it is because they’re deserving of disrespect and mockery. From Kip Kinkel to Adam Lanza they are losers who couldn’t overcome their own inadequacies without resorting to violence. Do you know who else is dead and defenseless? Their victims.

Convicted school bomb plotter runs for mayor in Utah

Bomb plotter runs for mayor: Joshua Hoggan candidacy will mean primary election for Roy seat:

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Early in 2012 police in Roy, Utah arrested a then 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan for allegedly plotting an attack on Roy High School. At the time of his arrest Hoggan was offended when police compared him to the Columbine cowards. He thought that his plan would have done more damage because of how intelligent he is. I think the word he was looking for was arrogant and not intelligent. Hoggan was supposedly so obsessed with his plan that he flew to Colorado, unattended and unknown by anyone, so he could interview Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis about what happened at Columbine. Hoggan and a cohort were also said to be in possession of bomb making materials. For all his problems Hoggan only got 6 months in juvenile detention.

Fast forward to June of 2013 and a now 18-year-old Hoggan is running for mayor of Roy. Since Hoggan was sentenced as a juvenile his criminal record is technically sealed even though everyone knows what he was convicted of. This is just one of the many reasons why this arrogant toad should have been charged as an adult. I would say he has no shot in hell of becoming mayor but stranger things have happened. So there’s a possibility that the city of Roy, Utah could have someone who wanted to blow up a school that had more than a 1000 students at the time as their mayor. Good luck with that.

UPDATE 8/23/2013: Last week Hoggan lost his bid for mayoralship with less than 5% of the vote. How did he get that much? Who voted for him? Angry suburban 18-year-olds who think Green Day is punk? Whatever. At least we don’t have to worry about a Utah mutant enclave. Utah mutant? Mutahnt?

2nd Roy High plotter gets 105 days

Dallin Todd Morgan

Roy High student sentenced to jail for bomb plot:

For lack of a better term 18-year-old Dallin Todd Morgan was the lackey in a plot to bomb Roy High School in Roy, Utah. He was the Dylan Klebold to 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan’s Eric Harris. The plot was to detonate a bomb at school and then escape on a stolen aircraft.

Hoggan had even flown commercially on his own accord to Columbine High School to interview Frank Deangelis under no one’s authority. For his role in the plot Hoggan only received 6 months in juvie and will be out next month if he’s not out already. Hoggan’s story was that he was trying to show the school how lax security was. When arrested he even bragged that he was smarter than the Columbine cowards. Apparently the courts bought it since he only got 6 months and was not charged as an adult.

Morgan was mostly the cheerleader in this duo. For his role he was sentenced to 105 days in jail since he’s 18. I really have no problem with this sentence because it appears once you remove the influence of his cohort he seems to revert to a relatively normal teen. The problem I do have is that someone as dangerous as Hoggan was not charged as an adult, will have no record and will be released back out into the public.

CONFIRMED: Perry Hall High shooter is a mutant

Accused Perry Hall HS Gunman’s Facebook Page Lists Columbine Shooters As Inspiration:

I don’t post the links to suspects’ Facebooks anymore. The simple reason is I don’t want to encourage the harassment of their Facebook friends who had nothing to with the crime. I don’t even go looking for them. However after reading the above headline I had to go looking for the Facebook of Perry Hall High School gunman Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. It took me a while but I was able to find it and as I surmised in my previous post Gladden is in fact a mutant. Exhibit A…

On Gladden’s public Facebook page he lists the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold as ‘Inspirational People’. Gladden is just another loser following in the steps of two cowardly scumbags who are burning in hell. You’ll notice that Gladden is also a fan of Rammstein, supposedly the favorite band of the Columbine douches.

If this loser ever had an original thought in his head it would probably die of loneliness.

And if you’re wondering where the parents were to let this happen they weren’t exactly parent of the year material.

As for Gladden’s victim, Daniel Borowy, he’s far from being fully recovered. He’s already had one surgery and is scheduled for another one. If you were so inclined to donate to Daniel’s family you can do so here.

Texas mutants signify the start of school year with arrest

Judson and Murray

Two jailed in Alamo Heights High threats:

I can always tell when the new school year is about to start even though I don’t have school age kids anymore. I can usually tell because some mutant inevitably gets arrested for plotting or threatening a school shooting. This year is no different.

This year’s contestants are Marshall Judson, 18, and Matthew Murray, 17, both of Alamo Height High School in San Antonio, Texas. It seems the criminal geniuses were tripped up when someone else spotted their Facebook posts comparing themselves to the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold.

The initial post, which police say was made by Murray, was a graphic photo of the Columbine suspects lying in a pool of blood with the caption, “BEST FRIENDS TILL THE END!!”


In a Facebook exchange littered with typos, one said he thought he could get a car and another said, “lol can I borrow a shotgun I making the ipebombs,” police said.

They also discussed making different types of shotguns, police said, then Murray stated, “so wanna be Dylan klebold” and Judson responded, “lol yes matt,” and then, “I wanna b eric harris I acvt like himxD.”

No weapons were in their possessions and they’ve both been charged with making terroristic threats.

As usual no word on where the parents were in this case. Also no word on motive other than they’re mutants.

Oklahoma mutant faces federal gun charges

Timmy Dean Eike

Federal judge orders psychiatric exam for Oklahoma student who bought guns:

Feds arrest Oklahoma high school student who bought guns, talked of hiding bodies:

18-year-old Timmy Dean Eike of Woodward, Oklahoma was arrested on federal gun charges this past Tuesday. Investigators say that Eike allegedly lied about having mental health issues and being committed on his purchasing forms. Eike was said to be in possession of a 20 gauge shotgun.

Eike was brought to the attention of authorities by a taxi driver that Eike often used the services of. The driver said that Eike would ask questions like which countries extradite to the U.S., how hard would they look for someone if they had committed a murder and how to hide bodies. Eike also allegedly told the driver that someone in his family once caught him loading and unloading his shotgun while watching videos about Columbine. That right there my friends is the mutant form of masturbation.

No targets have been specifically mentioned but Eike claims to have had a hit list and he was going to be a senior at Woodward High School.

What I want to know is that if a family member caught him with his gun while watching Columbine videos why weren’t police called at that time. If his family knew he had mental issues why was the gun allowed in the house? There’s too much family protection going on in this country and not enough common sense when a family member is obviously planning on something that would hurt a lot of people.

UPDATE 5/18/2013: Eike has been indicted on federal gun charges and has been in custody since his arrest.

Stuart Little charged with mutant threat against Texas high school

Stuart Alexander Baxter Little

Pflugerville HS student arrested on felony terroristic threat charges:

Pflugerville ISD Student Arrested For Terroristic Threats:

17-year-old Stuart Alexander Baxter Little has been arrested for allegedly making threats against Pflugerville High School in Texas. Police say that Little used Facebook and e-mails to send threats of a school shooting to school staff and the Austin Police Department threatening a school shooting at the high school.

It also turns out that Stuart Little is a mutant. Not only was this school shooting supposed to take place on April 20th but he also supposedly used the oh so clever pseudonym of “Cire Sirrah”.

On the 20th of April police say that Little sent an e-mail to a TV station warning of the attack. That was when police were able to track him down and arrest him.

But it gets even better. His mom is begging authorities not to throw her autistic son in jail. I think I know where this is leading too. Probably it’s going to be claimed somewhere down the line that Little has Asperger’s and that will be used in his defense. However as I’ve said before these kind of defenses are not only medically inaccurate to insinuate that Asperger’s causes people to kill but it also spreads that kind of ignorance.

The kid is a mutant plain and simple and deserves to punished for his crimes.