We get letters through Tumblr: You’re an asshole

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I received this message through my Tumblr page the other day…

You’re an asshole leave Damien Echols alone wtf

Normally I would have dismissed this as just being from another chalupa. (Side note: Thrice convicted child killer Damien Echols refers to his fans as chupacabras so I call them chalupas which I’ve been told is an insult to chalupas but I digress.) But before I clicked on the delete icon I curiously clicked on this person’s Tumblr name. Now I’m not going to divulge the account in question because I don’t want to invite harassment on someone who is obviously a confused child.

Turns out this girl was not just a fan of Echols but also Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes, Columbine cowards Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and non-repentant school shooter T.J. Lane. I was greeted by animated gifs of school shooters while a lot of the posts were doe eyes tributes to Damian Echols. This girl feels about mass murderers like most girls would gush on about their favorite group or celebrity.

What you’re doing is not normal, not even by counter-culture standards. It is an indication of a deeper-rooted mental illness and you should get help. I’m telling you this because it’s obvious your parent(s) either don’t know or don’t care or both. If this kind of activity carries into adulthood you could end up being one of those women who end up marrying death row inmates, also not normal by any standard. Not to mention that by idolizing these mass killers you’re enabling future killers.

Be an individual, don’t let yourself be defined by a Tumblr hashtag.

We get letters: Please help a family in need

Jaime and her kids

Jaime and her kids

I received the following e-mail the other day from a reader in need of assistance…

Hi Trench,

I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for well over a year now, albeit a silent reader. I know you’re a busy guy, and this request is a little out of your norm, but I’m really hoping you can help. My family is facing a serious situation, due to the fact that I’ve been medically forced to stop working. My husband is a disabled Army vet,who cannot work, and due to the severity of my condition, I truly cannot work until I recover from a spinal surgery which will be taking place sometime in the next 6-8 weeks.

We are facing eviction and homelessness if we cannot find a way to earn extra income during this time. To that end, I’ve set up a donation page on GoFundMe, explaining things more in detail. I’m hoping you would be willing to post the link to the GoFundMe page on your blog.

Please help us. We’ve been reaching out on Twitter, Facebook, etc and we’re getting a little desperate. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, thank you for reading this.

-Jaime & Family

As most of my avid readers know I’ve been in similar situations so I can understand where Jaime and her family are coming from. Please donate whatever you can afford to Jaime’s family. I’ve posted the GoFundMe link below and on the donations page


We get letters: This still isn’t Perverted Justice


I received three separate e-mails from the same person in regards to the recent debate about Florida predator stings and their worth. Again if you’re just joining us I think they’re awesome and they put bad guys behind bars. The bad guys think they’re a money grab and are putting ‘innocent’ men behind bars. On to the e-mails.

E-mail #1:

I read your article in which you tried to shame a person who tried to tell you about the corruption with Perverted Justice. What that person wrote to you is indeed true. In fact, many of the Perverted Justice members have criminal backgrounds. Eventually, this is going to come back on you trench and I know for a fact Perverted Justice is under investigation right now. You are not telling the full story about situations. You are lying to people. Why don’t you actually investigate instead of writing opinions. If you are Irish-Catholic, then you know that you will be held responsible for what you tell people. Then again, maybe you are part of Perverted Justice yourself.

You got me. You saw through my clever ruse. I am actually Xavier Von Erck, founder of PJ. Except, I’m not. I was about to say we don’t even look alike but it appears that we do dress alike.

Xavier Von Erck

Xavier Von Erck

Back to the matter at hand. If this guy actually read what I wrote he would be able to tell that I am actually not a fan of PJ. While I think their intention is good I’m not a fan of internet vigilantism. It’s usually only fueled by knee-jerk outrage. Also now that it’s 2014 I now haven’t written about PJ in seven years.

Is PJ even relevant anymore. Their bread and butter used to be the Yahoo chat rooms and now that they’re gone and To Catch A Predator has been cancelled I don’t see why they’re even still around.

Also I’d rather go to hell for exposing the habits of online predators than being a kiddie toucher.

On to e-mail #2:

By the way, I just read your post from today about catching real predators. That person is exactly right. Real predators aren’t using the internet and children are most certainly not pursuing predators online for months and in some cases years. If you can name me a victim, any victim, who pursued their attacker, I will retract my statement.

Ok, I have to interrupt here because some of what he says is so ludicrous it demands immediate attention. So ‘real’ predators aren’t using the internet? Then for the past 8 years I’ve been writing about fictitious predators all that time. Huh. Who knew. Also there’s needs to be some kind of universal sarcasm font.

Also his challenge for me to name a victim is specious because they don’t release the names of underage sexual abuse victims. Not to mention I doubt he would retract anything he said anyway. Zealots come from all walks of life.

He continues…

There is a reason why you get letters telling you to catch the real predators. It is because the real predators are not being caught and setting people up is not the answer. In fact, if you look into the finances of those stings, you quickly realize stings are being done for money and money alone. Those stings are making things infinitely more dangerous because they are not catching threats at all. Victims don’t pursue and they most certainly don’t invite multiple times. The convictions are only coming because people are forced to plead guilty. You haven’t once reported on the hundreds of those cases that have been thrown out of court or the entrapment verdicts levied against groups such as Perverted Justice.

Again with the PJ obsession. Anyway police don’t even really need to set up these stings because a lot of times the predators themselves are stupid enough to post ads on craigslist themselves. How many stories have I posted about craigslist creepers that post ads that say things like ‘the younger the better’. You’re absolutely delusional if you think that there are no predators on the internet. You also leave out this thing called grooming which is like a sort of Stockholm Syndrome for the victims of online predators. Again, even if police did initiate talks about sex and you drive somewhere with the thoughts of meeting a minor for sex you get what you deserve.

This argument kind of reminds me of the guys who signed up for the military then tried to quit when they realized they might actually have to go fight a war. They claimed that the recruiters talked them in to enlisting. Well, not only did you go down to the recruitment office but, just like most online predators, you could have walked away at any time. When I was graduating high school I would get tons of calls for recruiters. I would tell them that I’m not interested and hung up the phone. Subsequently if I got an e-mail from a 14-year-old girl wanting to have sex I would delete it and then filter my e-mail so any subsequent e-mails would go straight to the trash. Really, it’s not that hard. Police do not have some kind of special Jedi mind trick or thought control rays. We are responsible for our own actions.

And if any case is thrown out of court or the charges are dropped all someone needs to do is send me an e-mail and I’ll remove the post.

And finally e-mail #3:

Why don’t you publish your full name? What are you hiding “Trench.” I see a couple of lawsuits in your future. In fact, I know they are coming.

Says the guy who signed his e-mail ‘Anonymous’. I do it to have some form of insulation between me and butthurt sex offenders. Also the threat of lawsuit after 14 years is still funny to me. If I had a dollar for anytime someone threatened to sue me I’d have enough to pay off a lawsuit settlement.

So in conclusion save yourself the keystrokes Junior. You’ll never convince me that what you claim is even remotely true.

We get letters: Let’s catch the ‘real’ predators

The discussion about Florida child predator stings continues. For those of you who haven’t been following there seems to be a small but vocal minority of people in Florida who believe the craigslist and social networking stings that many Florida law enforcement agencies employ are nothing more than entrapment and money grabs for federal grants. I received an e-mail from one of those people. Since he sent me the e-mail with no snark or attitude I will reply to him in kind.

First the e-mail…

trench, if these stings were about trying to catch real predators, it would be one thing, but when it becomes more about the number of arrests they need to make to continue to let the money flowing then it is fraud. Catch the predators, hell yea, society will not tolerate those who prey upon children, but during these stings they need to ensure that they are catching the right people! They are not and that is the problem and the information we have proves this. I would like to work with you on things if you’d give it a shot. I think you have a lot of information that is useful. Let’s catch the real bad guys. Give it a chance!

I can appreciate someone who is willing to discuss any topic in a calm and rational matter. However the e-mail, in my opinion, omits one glaring detail.

For the sake of argument let’s say that police posing as minors on craigslist did initiate conversations of a sexual nature with potential suspects on craigslist, or whatever website. While that possibly can be construed as entrapment the alleged perpetrators are still going to the meeting places with the intent of having sex with minors. Police are not ripping these guys out of their homes and none of them are going to the meeting place to rescue, lecture, or hang out with their potential victims.

While they may have legal recourse in regards to entrapment in my opinion they are morally still predators.

We get letters: You are the leader of a sick colte


Received another lovely e-mail singing my virtues…

To “trench” You are a embellishing, twisted person who has a sick fascination with child related crimes. You are a known distortionist who many people hate. You are the leader of a sick colte. You are the biggest troll of them all and I have nothing but the worst wishes for you. I hope you burn in hell with the real monsters and they take advantage of you. Enjoy the pitiful thing you call a life you hypocritical douchebag.

What is a colte and how do you know if one is sick? Do you have to shoot it at that point? Oh, he meant a cult. Yeah, I don’t get the comparison either. It’s not like I force people to read my site.

Also this is just another ploy in the pedo-defenders bag of tricks, accusing someone who frowns on the practice of pedophiles of being a pedophile. I believe that’s called the “I know you are but what am I” axiom. Since they’re so preoccupied with the thoughts of children they begin to act like them.

While I may be going to hell my conscience will be clear knowing that I didn’t get there by being a kiddie toucher.

We get letters: You know this isn’t Perverted Justice right?


I received the following e-mail from someone who is obviously confused about what website this is…

I have been reading your posts. Much of what you write about is so generic and lacks details. Some of it is outright wrong. You are simply not telling the full story. For example, a sting you wrote about involved Perverted Justice. What you failed to tell people was that one of the PJ decoys went after the guy for a year and invited him 5 different times to meet. She was also connected to the Enron fraud scandal in California and has a history of mental illness. In real cases of abuse, the victim does not pursue someone for a year and invite the attacker five times to meet. You also failed to mention that not one of the people entrapped had a previous record. You also failed to tell the public that the town who set the men up only had 1,000 people in it and prior to that never had an incident of abuse. Now, why would a town that small, want to attract predators? Could their be other motives?

Sorry, I had to interrupt here for a second. I mean talk about generic and lacking details. Maybe I should have used the Irony Police graphic.

You often write about your own mental illness. You try to act like you are concerned for people. I understand that you are trying to make yourself feel better by your blogs and tweets. Trying to undo some wrong done to you. But you are actually doing more harm than good. Don’t you realize that you are now the one causing damage to people? Don’t you see the common thread in Perverted Justice, yourself, and those who follow you? All of you have mental illnesses. Unchecked mental illnesses. Just look at your comments!! All of you have mental illnesses.

Don’t you even wonder why all these internet stings are becoming more prevalent? It is because they are cheap, easy, and really nothing has to be proved. You don’t have to prove a single thing. You are just setting people up. Meanwhile, real cases of abuse involving real people are getting ignored. In fact, people like Perverted Justice are the real predators. Why do you think they refuse to turn over their computer equipment and only give the police chat transcripts in MS Word? Why do you think they are so secretive? It is because they are using their activities to cover up what they are doing. Do you even know the backgrounds of the people in that group? Their connection to crime and abuse? The fact the founder himself was brought up on sex charges?

You want to stop child abuse? Motivate your local cop to go down to a women’s shelter and start researching real cases of abuse. Real victims of abuse don’t pursue their attackers. They don’t invite their attackers to meet.

What you are writing is going to get an innocent person killed. In fact, by looking at some of the names you write about, I think you might have already done that. Stop writing about suicide. What you have written in your poorly researched and biased articles has driven people to suicide. The very thing you claim to abhor.

I hope you can live with other people’s suicides on your conscious.

For those of you who may not remember Perverted Justice is/was (are they still around?) a band of internet vigilantes trying to rid the internet of pedophiles and predators. By now you should know how I feel about internet vigilantes but occasionally PJ not only worked with law enforcement as the e-mail writer mentions above but they also worked with the one and only Chris Hansen during the “To Catch a Predator” series of reports on NBC.

But just like he accuses me of being his accusations are not only lacking details but also lacking any proof. I at least link to media reports from which I make my commentary.

Here’s the punchline though. I checked the archives and I haven’t even mentioned PJ in six years. It sounds like to me that someone got busted and rather than taking responsibility blames their problems on PJ.

By the way nice try in trying to guilt me but I had an Irish-Catholic mother. Your guilt trips mean nothing to me.

This e-mail probably stems from all the other pedo-defenders that have shown up recently.

We get letters: Why do you mock the dead?


I received the following from my ask.fm account

I know I might sound like a “mutant”, but I personally don’t feel like disrespecting dead people (even if they are bad) very kind. Why do you spend so much time mocking someone that’s already dead and defenseless?

My response

It’s not just the dead ones, I mock and disrespect the school shooters that lived too. And the reason I do it is because they’re deserving of disrespect and mockery. From Kip Kinkel to Adam Lanza they are losers who couldn’t overcome their own inadequacies without resorting to violence. Do you know who else is dead and defenseless? Their victims.

We get letters: Craigslist Creeper Ray

Raymond Boden

Raymond Boden

So the other day I received an e-mail about Raymond Boden who I dubbed a craigslist creeper. Go read what he did. I’ll wait.

You’re back? Ok, here’s the e-mail…

You dub him “Craigslist Creeper”. I am all for the first amendment, but seriously you have NO IDEA who this man REALLY is or what he stands for. No, I don’t agree with his choices, but he was NOT looking for a 12 year old. In fact he asked on several occasions how old the daughter was! Why is it that law enforcement is never looked at as a possible problem? Does anyone ever think that showers like To Catch a Predator can make police set people up?

And really? Craigslist Creeper? A bit harsh don’t you think? Yes, it may get you readers but at who’s expense? I know that when Ray gets out my kids or my grandchildren will be with him ALONE and they will love him as much, if not more than I always have – and ALWAYS WILL!!

First off you act like I dubbed him THE craigslist creeper. Take a look around. He’s just A craigslist creeper. Unfortunately only one of many. He wasn’t the first and he isn’t the last.

Secondly I’m really sure he was set up. That’s why he pleaded guilty. I hear that all the time. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that I’d at least be able to take my family out for a nice dinner.

Speaking of family if you really want to leave your kids or grandkids around him that’s your prerogative. Not only is blood thicker than water it’s dumber than water too. I’d hate to see any child get molested but I’m not the one that will have to pay for therapy if Uncle Ray ever had his way.

Oh and don’t flatter your friend Ray. He’s not going to get me any more readers.

We get letters: Be respectful to mass murderers

Sue Klebold (We should be nice to her mass murdering fuckwit of a son.)

It’s been a while since I got some mutant mail. Back in the day I used to get hate mail from the Columbine mutants on an almost weekly basis. As the years have gone by the number of e-mails I’ve gotten from them have dwindled. I like to think that it’s because they’ve either grown up, ended u[ in prison or got the psychiatric help they so desperately needed.

It seems that there are at least a small cadre of mutants still out there as I received the following e-mail from my most recent post on Sue Klebold

I cannot believe that you would call Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ‘demon spawn’, ‘coward of a son’, ‘scumbag’ and stating that these two teenagers are simply just ‘Two cowardly scumbags killed 13 people because they were egotistical selfish spoiled punks.’

That is where you are wrong, sir.
These two teenagers were bullied since they started school! The only people they killed were complete ‘scumbags’ to the both of them. Yet, you are being a bully, insulting two dead kids, being utterly rude and disrespectful not only to the dead but, to their family!
The only people that were killed were the people who bullied them senseless, even when they were nice or silent. Now, you tell me, if you were bullied since you could remember, wouldn’t you want revenge? Not only would you be vengeful, but you would also make fun of them on your blog!
It’s also pretty bad karma to make fun of the dead and be a complete douche to them and their family.
So, please, the next time you write one of your pitiful posts, think twice and be respectful.

~ Cara the Columbiner

This e-mail would be hysterical if it wasn’t so pathetic. The fact that I’m being accused of being wrong in an e-mail so full of false assumptions and myths is comical to say the least.

First of they are demon spawn, cowards and egotistical selfish spoiled punks. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have committed mass murder for the oh so egregious crime of being ‘excluded’.

Secondly the people they killed were no their so-called bullies. I don’t know where you got that idea but the majority if not all of their victims had no actual connection to either of the cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold. No to mention there is no concrete evidence that they were bullied but were the bullies themselves.

Actually I was bullied from the time I entered school until the time I graduated high school but I got over it. Anybody who harbors on the bullying they received in school once they get out is weak and have let the bullies won. But again Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied.

Lastly you say it’s bad karma to make fun of the dead. That’s the most comical thing of all from your e-mail. I think the karma scales weigh heavily more in my favor since it’s even worse karma to kill 13 people over nothing. That’s why your heroes keep the flames of hell burning yellow with their cowardice.

Get help.

We get letters: What’s the legal responsibility of molested children?

I received the following e-mail about one of the many craigslist pedos that I’ve featured on the site. It starts out innocently enough then takes a wide left turn on logic…

I happened to be reading your lively updates about Craig’s List rapists, molesters, etc and etal – all very interesting and your comments seem insightful, well thought out and cleanly written up – compelling and I do agree with much of what you say – actually, nearly all of it. I did, however, run across some older posts re: a Craig’s List sex solicitor who I actually have some info, actually detailed info about that brings a much different light to what has previously been printed or posted online in newspaper or news info sites.

I actually have seen the complete email transcripts posted as evidence by the police and DA who is prosecuting the case.

Now, what actually happened with the defendant, Attorney and former teacher, was that he clearly stated that he was looking for 20+ something year old female for personal, intimate relationship and what he received was a saucy, sexed up little nymphette with quite a potty mouth and not even much more than a tween in hot pursuit of him. She was contacting him because she wanted to offer up sex, claimed to need a “hard pussy pounding” and money for some sort of electronic device – an XBox, or iPad or something. Now, reading the exchange, he dropped it several times with her and she get hounding him with such overt, colorfully descriptive words of what she “needed” and wanted to “do” – then eventually noted that she wanted money for the sex – claiming that she was repressed at home, was going to flee the house and that she had really messed up things and was simply planning on dropping out of school after running away. Even described how she had already been “f*******” hard and good in her past, most recent relationship when the poster of the ad on Craig’s List had backed off on one occasion stating that he wasn’t so sure about the situation and noted comfortableness with her pursuit.

Of course, why would ANYBODY respond to such a whacked out little girl – I think that most would agree. I would have NEVER even responded, but the defendant claimed that he thought that the person was not being honest about age since the level of descriptives used by the nymphette did actually sound like somebody who was actually much older and simply trying to pull some weird sorta stunt re: her true and seemingly much older age.

If interested, I can send you excerpts of the email correspondence btwn the two. It is a matter of record and I just happened to come across it this past week while working (legal research).

What I’d like to hear about from you; the legal responsibility for young adults who are attempting to prostitute themselves out and their lax parents who fail to monitor such ill behaved children…

In this instance, the young woman actually noted that she wanted money for services rendered and the defendant, again, attempted to politely and (seemingly) kindly or politely tried to dump her, back away by failing to respond, ignore and then, when she kept pursuing with heated pressure, he did question her motives in an attempt to diffuse the situation. He even noted that what she was suggesting was unethical and illegal and not really something that he could go through with. So, where is the punishment for the hooker with the hard core, heavily pursuing, pushy sales techniques on the passerby who just happened to unwittingly walk on the wrong side of the street on the wrong day; the day that said desperate prostitute just happened to be hanging out on the path that caused the chance meeting? Why is it that this young prostitute and her parents are not, too, being pursued by the legal system since she was the instigator and person who continually pursued even after the defendant had attempted a polite dismissal by ignoring her deluge of emails?

And I am NOT saying that what the defendant did was right. Even though the nymphette did seem much older and it did seem as if she was lying – personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to be involved in anything with anybody who appeared not on the up and up right from the beginning. What about children WHO ARE SOLICITATING and offering sex online? What about their parents who are obviously failing to reign in such budding degenerates?

Just adding another side and viewpoint to this particular story and I can back it up with the actual facts as available via court docs, if you are interested.

Oh, also, the offer for money that the defendant was making was not for sex, actually. It was for a separate and different ad posted on Craig’s List based on what has been available in doc’s from courthouse.

It is actually a fairly sad story that all too many people hitting those middle years (their late 40’s-50’s) and, from my understanding, the one post re: “college girls” and “$$$” was for somebody to kick about town and go to concerts with since the defendant’s homelife and personal home relationship had evolved into 20’s years of nothing but work and bringing home a paycheck to a wife who preferred to knit and watch TV for the last 20 of the 30 years of their marriage.

I actually know a person who does such work and makes a very handsome living at doing it – really enjoying spending time with men who are strictly paying for her witty conversation and her presence when they need to attend a function and must have a date. No sex involved, either. From my understanding via docs and testimony in case, the one ad was this type of companionship – wanting somebody to go to the occasional concert with when he couldn’t get wifey to pry her complacent a** outta the chair for the past 20 years.

I wouldn’t have done such a thing, and maybe my sympathies are lying more on the defendant’s side of the incident after running across the detailed court docs this past week. Damn these blah 40’s that I am currently surviving through at this time! And, although I would go alone to functions and do enjoy my freedom and lack of obligations that so many men feel when they are strapped into a marriage that has become stifling and monotonous – I cherish my freedom and enjoy my alone time and the ability to go to functions and to be on my own – that lack of commitment to a partner/wife!

I do, however, feel bad for any person, man or woman, who are strapped and stuck in a partnership that is clearly drowning one or both of the people in the couple. Additionally, I do see how we, as a society, are failing youth when we paint them as victims rather than making them face the realities of their actions and forcing both the young adult and the parent to take FULL and COMPLETE responsibility for the kid’s actions – and we paint them as unwitting victims when, in so many instances, the young person is the pursuer and fully aware of the implications of the actions that they are taking.

We, as a society, are doing neither the child nor their negligent parent(s) any favors when we ignore their actions and misdeeds and simply paint them as a victim and actually defend them with no regard for how they played a full and active part in matters that are illegal, immoral, etc…

Thanks again for your site and the “wall of shame” that you have posted on your site. The crap that you dig up on Craig’s List is truly amazing! Off to read about the man who attempted to hire somebody to rape his wife utilizing Craig’s List. Over and out!

I purposely removed the suspect’s name from the e-mail so he doesn’t garner any sympathy form an unwitting public.

In my mild-mannered day job I’ve worked in medical customer service for the past 25 years. From health insurance claims to annual benefit enrolments to medical billing. I’ve heard just about every excuse people try to use to beat the system so you’ll have to excuse me when I say I recognize bullshit when I see it.

You can blow as much sunshine up my ass as it could possibly handle but my ego is strong enough for me to recognize the old “these little girls are sluts” argument. Use as many words and claim to have as much inside information as you want it doesn’t change the fact that the suspect allegedly preyed upon a 13-year-old girl on craigslist. It doesn’t matter what she said the police obviously found enough evidence to press charges against him for child solicitation. The reason that there is an age of consent is because adults are supposed to know better but obviously your friend didn’t. The tales you tell of him thinking that she was actually older are so much crap. If your friend is so smart he would have had the common sense, or at least decency, to stay away from anyone claiming to be a 13-year-old girl. And spare me the story about how he was only looking for ‘companionship’ when one of his ads stated “Dominant handsome professor for naughty young student” And when you say ‘what about their parents’ it was this girl’s parents who discovered what was going on and called the cops on your friend.

No matter how you try to spin it the children in these stories are victims. As someone who supposedly works in the legal field you already know this.

Thanks to Dodia Fae for the assist.