Texas bill would allow sex trafficking victims to sue Backpage

Lawmakers Expect Fight Against Anti-Trafficking Bill:

This story is a couple of weeks old but still relevant.

In the Texas senate a bill called Senate Bill 94 would allow victims of sex trafficking to sue any publisher “of an advertisement that led to their victimization.” That means that any sex trafficking victim that was advertised in Texas would be able to sue websites that they were advertised on like Backpage and other sites but mostly Backpage.

As usual though the free speech argument is being thrown out there but I still don’t see how profiting from sexual slavery is a free speech issue. As I am fond of saying while people are quick to defend the supposed First Amendment rights of sleaze like Backpage barely anyone is willing to step up to protect the victims’ Thirteenth Amendment rights.

I’m sure the Federal Communications Decency Act will come up as well which holds websites harmless if their users participate in illegal activity on their website. That law was passed in 1996. It’s old enough to drive now. In internet years that makes it an archaic law. I’m sure the drafters of it did not have a major website profiting from child prostitution in mind when the law was written. Again in internet terms, this law is about as up to date as prohibition.

But no it’s more important for Backpage to be able to advertise women and girls for sex than it is the well-being of the women and children sold. And people wonder why I think humanity is a lost cause.

No jail time for Kijiji sex slave scheme

Teen sex slave plot foiled:

30-year-old Francois Auclair of Montreal, Quebec, a father and husband I might add, pleaded guilty to extortion charges for trying to make an 18-year-old girl his sex slave.

Auclair posted an ad on Kijiji promising that the responder could star in a French porn film if they allowed Auclair to record the ‘tryouts’. He promised the girl $7,000 after recording several sexual encounters with the girl. Except he never paid her and threatened to make the tape public if the girl didn’t become his sex slave. She called police instead.

So what does the Montreal courts give him for his heinous acts? 200 hours of community service and three years’ probation. That’s it.

I would like to hear from my Canadian readers if I have any. Do you think this sentence is a joke like I do?

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