Two men charged in Tampa Backpage rapes

Taylor and Coleman

Taylor and Coleman

One of the arguments I keep hearing in defense of Backpage and their ads for prostitution is that the girls are safer online than they are on the streets. But are they really?

Police in Tampa, Florida, have arrested 19-year-old Ikeem Alonzo Taylor and 20-year-old Corey Terrell Coleman for the alleged rape and robbery of two women who were advertising on Backpage as escorts. Taylor is said to have raped and robbed the women and gunpoint while Coleman acted as his driver.

It sounds like these women may have been ‘independent contractors’ but God forbid if either of them had pimps. Do you think that the pimps would care if they lost money because they were raped? If anything they’d probably face additional violence from the pimp and this is the cycle of violence that Backpage perpetuates by keeping the adult section open. It’s not free speech that Backpage is really worried about, it’s their blood money.

Would you call a beaten homeless woman a consenting adult?

Man beat homeless woman forced her into prostitution, authorities say:


27-year-old Jesse Lewis had an interesting way of getting women to allegedly prostitute for him. According to Tampa police at least on one occasion he choked and beat a homeless woman, made her call him ‘daddy’ then advertised her on Backpage. Lewis was said to have kept all the money made by the woman.

The victim was able to escape Lewis after he fell asleep. Most women in her situation are not so lucky.

According to reports Lewis tried defending himself that he finds promiscuous women but doesn’t get involved in how they make money. That’s because they don’t make any money because he keeps it all. Either that or he just beats homeless women for fun.

So the next time you ‘hobbyists’ go on about consenting adults try to keep this story in mind. This is the rule and not the exception. Also, do I need to mention that Backpage continues to make money off of cretins like this? I will keep mentioning it until it stops.

First day of School: Mutant Season

Student planned Columbine-style attack, police say:

An anonymous tip intervened on a teen’s plan to attempt mass murder at a Tampa high school:

17-year-old Austin Cook of Tampa, Florida has been arrested for allegedly plotting an attack against Leto High School also in Tampa.

Cook allegedly told witnesses that he was going to ‘break the record’ of Virginia Tech. He also allegedly tried to recruit other people for his plot.

Police received a tip through Crime Stoppers. When they searched Cook’s house they turned up all the typical trappings of a mutant. Police say they found not only videos about Columbine on his computer but they also found a Columbine video game. The Columbine video game I know of is SCMRPG. I wonder if its creator will grace us again with his presence to tell me the game is not a Columbine tribute but I digress.

Police also found a .22 rifle, a bow and arrow, and books about guns. They also say that cook was researching Tampa gun shops.

But being a typical mutant there was a major flaw in his plan. He plotted his attack for 11/11/11. That is November 11th 2011. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t public schools closed on Veteran’s Day?

Super Bowl craigslist traffickers convicted

2 men to be sentenced for child sex trafficking:

25-year-old Pasquale Holt pleaded guilty to prostituting children at the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa on craigslist. His cohort, 31-year-old Manuel A. Walcott, was convicted last week. Both are looking at 10 to life in federal prison.

At the time of their arrests they were prostituting an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old who said that she was 17.

More than likely the sentence will be closer to 10 years than life which is still a joke. These child trafficking scum need to be at least sentenced to a mandatory life sentence. Not to mention that craigslist still turns a blind eye to the child prostitution that takes place on their site.

Again if you would like to use a classifieds site that does not promote child prostitution and human trafficking I recommend Not only does Geebo not have these ads since they review every ad but they also show that a classifieds site can be run without trafficking ads and still make a prophet since they have been around for 10 years.

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