Don’t be a huffer, you’ll burst into flames

Police get a shock when new Taser briefly ignites suspect:

Police in Lancaster, Ohio caught 31-year-old homeless man Daniel Wood huffing on a spray can of keyboard cleaner. When Wood became combative by trying to kick and bite police they employed their TASERs. Thanks to the fumes Wood briefly caught fire. Wood’s injuries were minor.

But those of you that complain about TASERs how should have police handled this suspect? If they didn’t have their TASERS they would have to have resorted to their batons or guns. But I bet you think that they shouldn’t have those either huh?

Remember kids, if you’ve been TASERed you probably deserved it and if you don’t want to be TASERed don’t break the law. It really is that simple.

Mess with a possum and you’ll get TASERed

Man versus opossum, cops, Taser:

41-year-old Kevin A. Temple was allegedly walking the streets of Waynesburg, PA carrying a possum by the tail. When police rolled up on him he said that he got into a fight with the possum and smashed it against the ground killing it. Alcohol may have been involved.

Police took him to the hospital to treat his possum bites but he became combative with police who used their TASERs on him.

I’d love to know how he got into a fight with a possum. Since he was drunk it was probably one of those “What are you looking at?” type of arguments.

Don’t steal a cop’s TASER

Officer fatally shoots Kingwood man:

A Houston police officer rolled up on a couple involved in a fight. The officer noticed the male’s hands up by the woman’s face. The male suspect ignored the officers orders and a scuffle broke out between the officer and the suspect. In the scuffle the suspect grabbed the officer’s TASER, pointed it at the cop and said “You’re dead now.”

Do you know what happens when you steal a cop’s TASER? The only weapon he has left is his gun which he used killing the suspect.

New TASER unveiled

TASER X3 is good to go (three times):

The Taser gun capable of shocking up to three people WITHOUT being reloaded:

That, my friends, is the brand spanking new TASER X3. It’s capable of firing up to three times without being reloaded. That means it can zap three times the amount of criminals.

Police in the U.S, start using it next month.

Fort Worth man had feelings hurt over TASER

Driver had taser pulled on him, after refusing to sign ticket:

Ryan Majcher of Fort Worth, Texas is all butthurt after having a TASER pointed at him during a traffic stop for speeding.

Majcher refused to sign the ticket and allegedly became abusive with police.

I guess some people don’t know anything. Signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt.

So this guy had a TASER pointed at him. Not fired at him. And this is news?

Again if you don’t want to be zapped don’t break the law.

h/t The Inquisitr

Bradford, PA police get TASERs

Bradford City Police have three tasers donated:

Police in the city of Bradford, Pennsylvania received new TASERs. That’s not really newsworthy for the rest of us but what Mayor Tom Riel said about the TASERs kind of sums it all up.

“Bottom line, if people behave properly and don’t act like an animal, they won’t get tased and end up in a cage.”

Like I say if you’ve been Tased you probably deserved it.

Flour for my porkchops

Man busted: Powder was flour for pork chops:

Calvin Wallace was arrested in Boynton Beach, Florida for having 54.3 grams of MDMA. When asked by police Wallace said it was “flour for my porkchops.”

However it’s not because of his pork chops that he’s on these pages. This is why…

An officer pulled out his stun gun and ordered Wallace to put his hands outside the car, but he cursed at officers instead. Wallace resisted some more, and was stunned three times before officers could cuff him.

That’ll cook his pork chops.

Underage Facebook party busted

Police: Underage Drinking Party Advertised On Facebook:

Police in Bessemer City, NC received a tip that an underage party was being advertised on Facebook.

When they went to the house of Steven Haney, and his girlfriend, Melissa Wilson they arrested the pair and charged 31 others for underage drinking.

And to top it all off Ms. Wilson was Tasered for failing to respond to police orders.

Remember what we say kids. Nothing is private on the internet. If you don’t want the cops to come to your house don’t post it on Facebook.

Other YouTube Taserer sentenced

Son in YouTube Taser stunt gets 2 years’ prison:
Previously I posted about how the father in the father and son YouTube Taserers pleaded guilty. Now it’s the son’s turn.

22-year-old Paul Crowell pleaded guilty to stealing a police officer’s Taser. He was sentenced to two years behind bars this past Thursday.

If you’ll recall the pair stole a Taser from a police officer when they were being assisted by the officer. They then posted a video on YouTube of them Tasering each other.

YouTube Taserer pleads guilty

Father shown in YouTube Taser video pleads guilty:
A few months back there was a story about a father and son who stole a Taser from a Wisconsin police officer. Like every responsible citizen they realized the error of their ways and returned the Taser to the nice officer…just kidding. They actually recorded themselves Tasering each other and posted the video to YouTube.

The father, 42-year-old Paul J. Dupey, pleaded guilty to the charges against him and could serve as much as three years behind bars.