Teen ads underage booze service on craigslist

Police Log: Craigslist Ad For Booze:

Sometimes you have to admire the ingenuity of small town criminals if they weren’t small town criminals.

For example an enterprising high school student from Marblehead, Mass. placed the following ad on craigslist…

“I am a high school student with a car and a Fake ID, I can help you get booze, call or text 781-XXX-XXXX.”

Again a criminal not realizing that other people do read craigslist and sometimes call the police.

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Underage Facebook party busted

Police: Underage Drinking Party Advertised On Facebook:

Police in Bessemer City, NC received a tip that an underage party was being advertised on Facebook.

When they went to the house of Steven Haney, and his girlfriend, Melissa Wilson they arrested the pair and charged 31 others for underage drinking.

And to top it all off Ms. Wilson was Tasered for failing to respond to police orders.

Remember what we say kids. Nothing is private on the internet. If you don’t want the cops to come to your house don’t post it on Facebook.

Liquor license lost through Facebook

Restaurant’s alcohol license yanked over Facebook pictures:

A Restaurant called Mi Pueblo in Kennesaw, Georgia has had its liquor license revoked. All because somebody posted pictures of minors receiving alcohol from the restaurant on Facebook.

I would even lay odds it was one of those ‘Whooo, look how I drunk I was at Mi Pueblo’ while their Facebook had their age on it.

The business was also busted for workers that didn’t have valid work permits but show me one restaurant that does.