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Three charged in Wausau for backpage child prostitution

Vaughn, Riehle, and Metzger

Three Wausau-area residents charged with child prostitution:

Darrell D. Vaughn, 19, Nicole K. Riehle, 18, and Barbi L. Metzger, 27, have all been arrested by Wausau, Wisconsin police and charged with various offenses related to prostitution. According to police the trio were prostituting a few 17-year-old girls. At least one of the girls was advertised on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com with pictures of her in just her underwear.

They are looking at a max of 25 years a piece.

Again I have to ask VVM and backpage how are those precautions coming along to prevent child prostitution on your site? I wonder if I’ll get a different answer this time…
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Underage Wausau party busted on MySpace

MySpace foils Wausau underage drinking party:
A couple from Wausau, Wisconsin were away from home for the weekend when they spotted something on their daughter’s MySpace. Apparently she was hosting a party unbeknown to her parents and posted the invitation on MySpace. Which we know is always a recipe for chaos.

The parents turned around and went home calling the police on the party goers.

29 underage drinking citations were issued.

Congratulations unnamed Wausau girl. You’re the latest recipient of the…

Red Forman Dumbass Award

(insert pic of Red here)

Red would like to invite your ass to a foot party.